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Discussion on yesterday’s HIIT article/new web site; Chronic lower back pain.

Saturday, January 8, 2011 by  
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I re-posted a portion of yesterday’s blog about HIIT cardio on the forum in this post so that it could be discussed. Re-posting my blog on the forums to facilitate the ability to discuss what I wrote is so antiquated. One of the long-overdue features of the new JSF site design I’ve been working on is that readers will be finally able to comment directly to my blog posts. I think this new feature will make JSF far more interesting, interactive and useful that the current very outdated design. I’m also excited about the new search feature, which will allow visitors to search the entire site (including my daily blogs from the past eight years) and locate exactly what they are looking for. The search feature is up and running on the development site, and is working brilliantly. For more information on the new features and the look of the new JSF site, please check out this thread.

Lower Back PainI was a little concerned about deadlifting yesterday because my legs were still pretty sore. I decided to go ahead a do the deads, and I’m glad that I did. My legs felt strong and didn’t affect my pulls at all. As some of you know from reading my blog over the years, I’ve got some lower back issues that hit me from time to time. Usually these back problems only flare up when I’m doing heavy squats (and even then it’s pretty rare). Yesterday after my first warm-up set of deadlifts (a very light 135 x 12) I felt that horrible “clamping” pain in my lower back. There have been times when this pain was so sudden and severe that I’ve literally collapsed (saved by the safety spotters) and could not stand up, let alone finish the workout. After an episode like that it would then take me days, or even weeks, to fully recover. This time, however, I only felt the pain after my warm-up set and not while I was actually lifting. The pain was moderate, but not debilitating. I made the decision to continue to the next warm-up set and then my working sets of deads. For all my working sets I felt no back pain while I was lifting, but the pain returned as soon as I finished each of the final reps. My back was hurting last night, and I was pretty stiff, but OK. This morning I can still feel some tightness back there, but it seems better. My lower back has always been wonky. I used to suffer from bad sciatica back in the mid-90s (saw a Chiropractor for that), and even now just doing mild bending while pulling weeds and stuff really aches. I should probably talk to my doctor about it instead of just living with it. Anyway, just rambling here…

The weather is outstanding this morning! I’m hopeful that my lower back won’t bother me out on the trails today. I’m not sure where I’m going to ride, but I’m going to get out there and tear it up somewhere. I’ll be back tomorrow with my very first set of 2011 weekly stats and my cutting report. Until then, enjoy your Saturday!

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