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Thursday morning motivational speech: the mental aspect of transformation.

Thursday, January 13, 2011 by  
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Yesterday’s training (chest/triceps/delts) extended my hot streak of excellent workouts. I was able to add weight on every exercise while keeping my reps the same; in fact, on two exercises I increased the number of reps using more weight than last week. After several months of slacking off (both with my diet and, to a lesser extent, my training) I am really fired up about this cut.

I’ve always maintained that the mental aspect of a successful fat loss campaign is critical to success. You’ve got to be stoked about what you’re doing! Wake up each morning and savor the fact that you’re 100% in control: you’re going to finish the day closer to your goal than when you woke up. Know in your mind that success is a fact, and not an option. Never forget the changes you’re making are huge! Changing how your entire body looks, feels and performs is a really big deal: you’re never going to get another body, so taking care of the one you have is critical.

People sometimes ask me, “Do you ever not feel like working out?” Of course. There are many times when I don’t feel like training. Sometimes I’m wrapped up in work, sometimes I’d rather screw around on the Internet and sometimes I just feel like a lazy bum. The follow-up question is always the same: “Well, what do you do when you don’t feel like working out.” My answer is simple: “I work out anyway.” Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I enjoy rising to the occasion and overcoming obstacles. It’s satisfying. It makes me feel good–like, really good–when I’m done. We’re all hardwired that way, but we’ve become conditioned to to take the path of least resistance when we can. So, to me, that’s what the term “digging deep” means: getting past your conditioned response so you can tap into your more primordial self. Working out when you feel like it is easy; Anyone can do that. Working out when you’d much rather be doing something else is far more challenging, but the rewards are worth it. It’s that knowledge that spurs me forward.

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