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Reaching your goals one challenge at a time; New JSF screenshots.

Friday, January 14, 2011 by  
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In yesterday’s blog I talked about the mental aspect of cutting, and how important it is to success. Part of my blog entry focused on working out even when you don’t particularly feel like doing so. As it turns out, what I wrote was personally germane just a few hours later. I was buried in work, but making exceptionally good progress. I was in a nice groove, and I did not want to stop. As the time for my HIIT cardio workout grew closer I kept glancing over at the clock, trying to psyche myself up. When the time for my cardio arrived, I still did not feel like breaking away from my work. So you know what I did? I flipped the switch. I stopped thinking about whether or not I should work out, and simply did: I grabbed my shoes, laced up, filled my water bottle, walked into the gym and the next thing I knew I was doing my cardio. By the time I hit my third or fourth interval I was really into it and wound up having a fantastic session. When I finished my cardio I felt awesome – not just because of the workout itself, but also because I overcame the urge to take the path of least resistance. After my shower I resumed my work with fresh focus and in a very positive state of mind.

This is how you reach your goals, overcoming one mini-challenge at a time. Each time you’re successful you feel a little stronger, a little more empowered, a little more confident… do it enough and eventually you’ll no longer the same person you once were. You may not know it yet, but the physical aspect of a successful transformation is just one of many life-altering benefits. When the going gets tough, keep this in mind and forge ahead.

I know many of you have been visiting this web site for quite a few years. While the current version of the site has served us well, it’s a dinosaur. Not only is the look and feel of the current site very dated, the vast amount of information has become nearly impossible to wade through. Start saying your goodbyes: the new JSF is still on schedule to be launched sometime this month! Here are a couple of new screenshots…

Further style changes and tweaks. Rounded corners on all elements, some color tweaks and a few other design changes. Everything is starting to look more polished now:

Design tweaking and polishing

Design tweaking and polishing

The recipe section of the site is finally done. It was a big job, but I think it’s going to be a popular section. Here’s the main recipe browse selection page. You can browse by Category or Ingredient. Of course you can search, too:

Main recipe browse page

Main recipe browse page

It’s deadlift Friday! This is one workout I rarely need any mental tricks to get jazzed about. 🙂

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