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Noticeable improvements in my cardio; Lower back stretches.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 by  
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I closed out this cut’s second week of weight training with an incredible back/biceps/traps workout. I added weight to every exercise once again, and did the same or more reps than last week. The coolest thing about yesterday’s workout was that I noticed a big difference in my recovery between deadlift sets. I’m only taking 60 seconds of rest between sets, and those seconds run by pretty quick after doing deadlifts. Last week I was still huffing and puffing pretty hard when I stepped up to the bar for the next set of deads, but this week I was nearly recovered as the final seconds of rest rolled off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still breathing very hard after each set, but the speed at which I recover has already noticeably improved. That put a smile on my face.

More good news. You may recall that I experienced a flair-up of lower back pain during last Friday’s back workout. I’m pleased to report that yesterday I had no back pain issues whatsoever. Forum member “Ludvig78” saw last Friday’s blog, and contacted me with some helpful information (he has experienced the exact same issue). Ludvig said that a muscle that runs from the thigh up into the lower back might be tight, and could be the root of my occasional lower back issues. He said doing some basic stretches before bed helped him a lot. So this is what I’ve been doing, holding each pose for about 90-120 seconds:

Lower back stretches

Lower back stretches

Lower back stretches

Lower back stretches

When I do these stretches I can feel it in the exact area I get back pain. It will be interesting to see if these stretches prevent any more lower back pain flair-ups.

I’ve pretty much blocked out the entire weekend to work on the new JSF web site. I’ve still got a lot to accomplish, but we’re getting close now! I think you guys are going to dig it.

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