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I’m not a monk, I just play one while I’m cutting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 by  
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MonkFor the third week straight I was able to add weight to every exercise for my leg workout. I know I’m cutting right now, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in the gym. Despite the fact that I’ve been in a a caloric deficit for more than two weeks, my energy has been off the charts and my strength is improving rapidly. I attribute all of this to my ulta-strict cutting lifestyle.

When I’m cutting or bulking I really do go to great lengths to eliminate anything that I feel might detract from my goals. So that means no cheat meals, a diet that consists of clean all-natural foods, no alcohol, at least eight hours of sleep each night, plenty of water, a very positive attitude and no missed workouts. In addition, I throw myself into the process completely. What I mean by that is I am 100% committed, and deviating from the plan is not an option. I find that when I make that sort of mental shift it helps eliminate almost all of the distractions and cravings. While I have no desire to live my entire life like a monk, I actually enjoy doing it for several months at a time. If you really dedicate yourself to an ultra-clean lifestyle you’ll find that it’s actually pretty fun in many ways. Yeah, I said it: cutting fat can be enjoyable.

This is week three of my cut, and that means I’m increasing the difficulty of my HIIT workouts again. Gulp. Today I’ll be increasing the duration of my HIIT workout to 22 minutes, while my intervals will remain 30/45 (100% effort/active recovery). 22 minutes is about the maximum duration I’ll use for HIIT, so next week I’ll back the duration down to 14 minutes while increasing the interval difficultyto 45/45. For a more in-depth discussion of HIIT, please see my January 7, 2011 blog.

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