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These cardio sessions are either going to kill me or turn me into a machine.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by  
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That 22-minute HIIT cardio session I did yesterday–even with the relatively “easy” 30/45 (all out/active recovery) intervals–pushed me to my limits. The 18-minute sessions I did last week were a real challenge, and an extra four minutes may not sound like much, but those four minutes felt more like 40 minutes. I’m proud of myself for not backing off on the last 3 or 4 all-out intervals because I felt like falling off the bike and crying. What’s really scary is that by the end of my cut I’ll be doing 22 minutes with 60/30 intervals. I don’t even want to think about that right now. One thing’s for sure: by the time this cut is over I’m going to be a lean, mean cardio machine. My speed and endurance on the trails are going to be light years beyond what they’ve been since I took up mountain biking. This could be dangerous.

John Stone Fitness is born

John Stone Fitness is born

So last night I was, as usual, toiling over the web site redesign. I was working on a section of the site in which I thought an early screenshot of JSF would be cool. Unfortunately there are no archives in existence of the original version of the site (back when it was on my personal web site). The earliest screen shot available is actually from the very first day the site was moved to its own dedicated domain, johnstonefitness.com. This was about a year after the start of my original transformation. If you think the site is ugly now, this screenshot will force you to re-evaluate your definition of “ugly”. The funny thing is the entire site was on one single page. This screenshot is cropped to show just 20% of the actual page. I remember working on the background image and thinking it was really cool. 😆

Work on the redesign is proceeding nicely. I still feel a launch on or before this Monday is highly likely (like 95%).

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