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Do you constantly fail at fat loss? Making friends with “all-or-nothing”.

Thursday, January 20, 2011 by  
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The "All-or-Nothing" tiger really just wants her belly scratched.Yesterday morning I was really in the mood to lift – so much so that I almost worked out early. I decided to wait for my usual time, mostly because the timing of my second post-workout meal is such that Lisa and I can eat dinner together. Every Wednesday night we always have (at least while I’m cutting) one of our all-time favorite meals: Asian Stir Fry. This dish makes a fantastic second post-workout meal because it’s high in carbs (I eat it with brown rice) and protein. It’s also loaded with all kinds of different veggies, so it’s very healthy.

When I walked into my gym I was feeling exceptionally motivated. The string of great workouts I’ve had over the past three weeks has had a very positive impact on my mental state. Sure enough, it was another awesome workout that bested last week’s chest/delts/triceps workout in every way.

I talk about building momentum a lot, but that’s because it’s so powerful. Even just three weeks into my cut I already feel like I’m unstoppable. People often ask me how I can be so strict when I’m losing fat, and the simple answer is that being ultra-strict actually makes cutting easier. How so? Well, by not deviating from my strict cutting plan I see excellent early results. This is key! Being rewarded for my hard work with tangible progress is a very potent force: by the time the initial “novelty” of wanting to lose fat wears off I’ve already built so much momentum that I need to keep going.

Over the past eight years I’ve been contacted by thousands of people who want to lose fat. Unfortunately most of those people don’t reach their goals and I never hear from them again. I think the reason many people give up on their fat loss diets is because they start off in the middle of the road, convinced that they need junk food and/or alcohol at least once or twice (or more) per week to “stay sane”. So their progress is often mediocre, the effort doesn’t seem worth it and they slide back into their usual bad habits. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

People seem horrified when I suggest that they give up junk food for a few months, but I believe doing so is probably their best chance for success. “All or nothing” may sound difficult, but it’s nothing but a paper tiger.

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