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Rediscovering some old recipes; New JSF web site launch imminent.

Friday, January 21, 2011 by  
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Spicy Baked Chicken

Spicy Baked Chicken

While I was working on the recipe section of the new web site, I realized that there are quite a few recipes (mostly the older ones) that don’t have photographs. I guess didn’t start providing photographs with the recipes I posted until somewhat recently. I decided that I was going to (over time, of course) prepare all the recipes that didn’t have photographs attached. Doing so would not only provide me with the photos, but would also be a cool way to rediscover recipes I’ve not used in a long time.

So last night I made Spicy Baked Chicken, which is a recipe I made all the time during my initial transformation. Wow! I’d forgotten just how good this dish is! Lisa and I quickly devoured every bite, only pausing long enough to say things like “Mmmmm!” and “This is so good, why don’t you/I make this anymore?” That’s a darn good question. Some of those old recipes are gems, and are super good cutting foods. I’m going to enjoy rediscovering some of these old classics that were once mainstays of my cutting diet.

Take your last looks at this version of the web site, because it will be gone forever in a matter of days. Unless something disastrous happens, I’m pleased to announce that the new JSF web site will definitely launch no later than Monday morning! There’s a strong possibility that it could even launch sometime this weekend. My punch list, once long and scary, has slowly but surely been whittled down to a scant few remaining tasks. This has been a huge project, but a worthwhile one. I’m extremely proud of the new site, and I think you guys are going to really enjoy all the new content and features. It’s a tremendous upgrade over the existing site, which is just a mess. So check in over the weekend, you might be surprised what pops up. 🙂

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