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Tired yesterday, took it as a challenge; The new JSF will probably launch today.

Saturday, January 22, 2011 by  
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Launch!I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s blog, but I didn’t sleep very well Thursday night. I had a lot on my mind, and so I wound up tossing and turning through much of the night. I was pretty tired all day yesterday, and when it was time for me to train (back, biceps and traps) I seriously considered postponing the workout until today. The cool thing is that even though I was tired I was still in the mood to lift! I said to myself, “You know what? Consider it a challenge. You’re going to get your tired butt in the gym and still beat last week’s workout.” That actually got my competitive juices flowing pretty good, and so the choice was made. By the time the I finished the first two working sets I no longer even felt tired. It turned out to be a fantastic workout, and I added weight to every exercise over last week’s workout (+20 to my deads!) I slept like a baby last night, too.

The strict one minute rest intervals I’ve been doing are becoming much less of a cardio challenge. From a cardio standpoint deadlifts and squats are always pretty killer (and I am, of course, winded after completing each set), but the speed of my recovery has improved drastically over the past three weeks. When I started this cut I was still huffing and puffing when I stepped up to the bar for the next set; not so any more.

Take a final look around the site if you wish: this is probably the last time you’ll ever see this version of the JSF web site. Last night I completed porting and revising the Training page. The current Training page is a complete mess and all but useless; re-working it was a huge job. The Training page also happened to be the last of the legacy JSF pages to be ported over to the new site! I know that much of the existing site is an absolute mess, and that’s why none of the pages were simply copied over. Everything–and I do mean everything–was re-worked. In addition to all the great new content and features the new site will offer, you’ll find the historical data to be much more useful, accurate and easy to find.

The launch will happen no later than tomorrow morning. It may even happen today (in fact, that’s fairly likely). While the new site is made live and given some final testing JSF will be unreachable. Don’t worry – if you can’t access the site that simply means we’re preparing to launch. If you want to keep up with what’s going on I’ll be making periodic updates to Facebook and Twitter while the site is down.

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29 Responses to “Tired yesterday, took it as a challenge; The new JSF will probably launch today.”
    • Looking good! Great to see it out & live!

      But I have to agree with DaveAnderson, there’s something going with the performance.

      According to Firebug last time I tried reloading the frontpage, it took 1min 24s to complete it. It’s not *that* heavy in content. Something weird going on the network/routing/settings? Forums are working at the same speed as before.

      Good job getting the site released!
      I hope the performance issues clears soon.

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      • I’m 1000 miles away from the server and pages load almost instantly here. What did Firebug say the breakdown was? What took 1m24s to load? That’s definitely not anything I’ve seen before in all the time I’ve been working on the site. Maybe try clearing your cache, too.

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      • On my behalf the slowness of the new JSF was a false alarm.

        As it happens, the connection from Finland (in Europe) is having some trouble. The connection is slow and unstable into both directions.

        The trouble seemed to have started accidently about the same time, the new JSF was released. And I doubt it’s related 😀

        Just have to wait for the connection to be fixed.

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    • Good stuff, I hope this helps the few people who are experiencing slow load times track it down. Happy to help if I can. All I can say is that the server is barely breathing, we’re on a fat 100Mbps Tier 1 Network pipe and nothing with regards to routing or DNS was changed. I don’t see anything on this end that could be causing slowdowns.

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    • We’ll it’s going to be a little slower than the old site. The old site was a few dozen K of mostly text (except for image-heavy pages). This site has about 100 times more things going on under the hood, and much more data to transfer.

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