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In the zone; Where are the cravings?; Wrist pain update.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 by  
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Wrist wraps

Yesterday’s leg workout was the best workout of this cut, and considering how well my workouts have been going this month that’s a significant statement. I added 5 pounds to leg extensions, 5 pounds to lying leg curls, 10 pounds to squats and 5 pounds to 1-leg calf raises. I kept my rest intervals to a strict 60 seconds between sets and 120 seconds between exercises. On the 1-leg calf raises I actually started my rest interval running as soon as I finished each leg. In other words, I’d work my left calf and then my rest interval would run at the same time I was working my right calf. The way I figure it my left calf was getting its full 60-seconds of rest that way, and no more. As for the cardio aspect of running all 160 reps pretty much back-to-back, it wasn’t really a factor. Let me tell you, after doing 4 sets of 20 squats with just 60 seconds rest between each set, everything else seems easy by comparison. I finished the entire 320-rep workout in about 35 minutes. I was a tad bit sweaty.

This is week four of my cut, and normally I’d be experiencing some junk food cravings by now. Nope. So far I’ve not had so much as the slightest twinge of anything even resembling a craving. I’ve made Loki popcorn 2 or 3 times this month; while it certainly smelled good, I was not the least bit tempted. I think I simply burned out on junk food during November and December. I noticed a big difference in my energy level and how I felt in general while I was eating a sloppy diet. Now that I’ve returned to my usual healthy diet I feel so good that junk food just sounds unappetizing. I also am very into my training right now, and supporting that training with wholesome foods is critical. If you’re working hard in the gym but not eating right, then you’re throwing away a significant portion of your efforts.

I’ve been meaning to give an update on my right wrist. Over the past month I’ve been doing all the exercises that used to bother the wrist (I still use wrist wraps for extra support), and there has been zero pain. Even the “down the rack” DB laterals that I love to do when I work my delts have not caused any pain whatsoever (laterals normally kill my bad wrist). I really thought I was looking at surgery after the anti-inflammatory medication that my doctor prescribed didn’t appear to solve the problem. Now I’m not so sure. I have been much more careful with my wrist position while typing and using a mouse. I wonder if that has something to do with it? Anyway, I’m very happy to report that all is well with the wrist. In fact, apart from a little lower back pain during my first back workout of the cut, I’ve not been bothered with any nagging aches or pains. Very cool.

If you are seeing the new JSF web site for the first time today and missed yesterday’s blog you might want to give it a quick read: you’ll find a concise guide to much of what’s new!

Oh, something I forgot to mention yesterday. You’ve probably noticed that on the main page below my latest blogs there is a section called “New on JSF!”. Anytime a new post (article, recipe, Favorite Things item, etc) is made it will appear in this section. Another new feature is that when an existing page is updated with new content, a notice will appear in this section with the title “New Content Added!” So if I add some new pictures, new video (as I did last night) or update my FAQ (to name just a few examples), you’ll see it there.

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