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Productive weekend, back pain; March 100 Challenge – Last chance to register. Felt this all weekend long.

I spent the entire weekend doing yard work and other outdoor projects, and I’m feeling pretty sun-drenched and tired this morning. It was only around 80 degrees (F) on both days, and I drank a lot of water before, during and after I worked yet I’m still down several pounds and feeling very dry this morning. One thing became very clear as I worked: the Celebrex that my doctor prescribed as possible short-term relief to… [Read more]

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2011 cut weekly progress report: week #8. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #8 of my 2011 cut is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. NOTE: If you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle it’s absolutely critical that you check your progress–and not just with a bathroom scale. I recommend that once every week you check your scale weight, your body fat percentage (using a caliper, not an inaccurate BIA scale) and your soft tape measurements. For maximum accuracy, it’s important to take… [Read more]

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Spring has arrived, and this is a work weekend! Spring 2011 Annuals

Yesterday was certainly a very active day. I managed to get a huge amount of pressure washing done along with a few other smaller projects. I also got my back/traps/biceps workout in early and finished up my day job about 2:00 PM. Lisa got home about the time I was finishing up with work, and so we decided to go to Home Depot and Lowes to pick up our annuals (we went with petunias and… [Read more]

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Early workout today; Giving my forearms some love; Weekend plans.

I’ve been doing the same workouts for the past 7-8 weeks (I normally switch things around every 3-4 weeks), and so Wednesday I did a whole new chest/delts/triceps workout. The new workout is not quite as high in volume as the one I was doing, but it’s still very intense and challenging. The new exercises hit the target muscle(s) slightly differently than the old exercises, and because of that I’m extra sore this morning (especially… [Read more]

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Some cravings, and how I’ve dealt with them; Are you making excuses? Yuck.

After almost eight weeks with not so much as a single bite of anything off my strict cutting diet (no cheat meals, no alcohol) I’m surprised that cravings have not been a significant issue. Normally foods like barbecue pork dinners, french fries, fajitas, pizza and bacon cheese burgers are among my favorite culinary indulgences, but none of those things have tempted me in the least so far. Last night while I was preparing post-workout meal… [Read more]

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Eight+ years of workout logs; Working out when you don’t feel like it. 8+ years of workout logs

Yesterday I was cleaning up my gym and I decided to pull out my stack of workout logs and take a trip down memory lane. As I looked though the logs and read my notes, I was reminded of some of my best workouts from the past eight years. Some of my notes indicated that I was working out even though I didn’t feel like it: very busy with work, generally feeling lazy/unmotivated, headache, cold,… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; New picture; Vacation plans change; New goal. February 21, 2011 - Calves

Yesterday’s leg workout was outstanding! Like last week, I substituted Bulgarian split squats for traditional barbell squats, but apart from that I did the same killer 320-rep workout that I’ve been doing for the past eight weeks. I added weight to all exercises (+5 pounds to leg extensions, +5 pounds to lying leg curls, +10 pounds to the Bulgarians and +5 pounds to 1-leg DB calf raises). For the first time on this cut I… [Read more]

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New Content Added! Updated Content!

My 2011 Training Photo gallery has been updated with a new calves photo.

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Detailed account of my incredible ride over the weekend, and how it happened.

In yesterday’s blog (my weekly cutting progress report) I briefly mentioned that over the weekend I went on a 3+ hour, 26-mile mountain biking trip. This wound up being a noteworthy ride for several different reasons, so this morning I want to talk about it in a bit more detail. When I woke up Saturday morning I was feeling great! I was in the mood for a long bike ride, and I wanted to put… [Read more]

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2011 cut weekly progress report: week #7. Myotape

Week #7 of my 2011 cut is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. In addition to the usual stuff (scale weight, tape measurements and body fat percentage), starting this week I’ll be adding a number of measurements to evaluate my cardiovascular fitness. If you’re interested in learning more about the meaning of these new stats (and why you should also consider taking them), please give my February 14, 2011 blog a read…. [Read more]

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