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Improved strength and muscular endurance; February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by  
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February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY

February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY

Last week’s leg workout was absolutely phenomenal. I made the statement that it was the best workout so far on this cut, and that it was probably the best workout since my 2008 bulk. Yesterday was leg day, and it was one of those days when all I could think about was lifting. All day long I was just dying to get in the gym and train, and the clock seemed like it was moving in slow motion. Whenever that happens I almost always have a great workout…

After last week’s incredible leg workout I knew I had a serious challenge in front of me, but I was relishing the opportunity to best it–and I did. Once again I added 5 pounds to leg extensions, 5 pounds to lying leg curls, 10 pounds to squats and 5 pounds to 1-leg calf raises. I hit my target reps on every exercise (320 total reps), and so I’ll be adding weight again next week. I looked back at some of my workout logs from this past summer and early last year, and right now I’m using more weight for 4 sets of 20 than I was using for 3 sets of 12 on every single exercise–and with less rest! I think that I’m doing an excellent job of increasing my muscle endurance, which is a primary goal. Aside from my strength training, I think mountain biking has really helped me in the muscle endurance department, too.

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Reminder: I’m always looking for TSM nominations. If you, or someone you know, has made a successful transformation, please contact me and let me know about it!

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