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Thinking of changing my cardio schedule; NOVUS™ Protein bar sale!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 by  
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This is week #5 of my 2011 cut, and yesterday was my first HIIT cardio session for this new week. As most of you know, I’ve been progressively increasing the difficulty of the intervals and/or the duration of my cardio sessions each week (see my Training page for details). This week my HIIT cardio intervals are still 45s/45s (all out/active recovery), but the sessions are now 18 minutes in length. Thanks to the brutal leg workout I’d completed just 24 hours prior, yesterday afternoon my legs were very sore and basically felt like rubber. As the cardio workout went on I found that the biggest limiting factor was my fatigued legs, and not my cardiovascular system. In other words, during the last 15 seconds or so of each interval my legs were giving out. It’s not like I was unable to pedal, but my legs were not able to produce the kind of RPMs I need to challenge my cardio system. This is a problem.

I think I might change my cardio approach slightly. Right now I’m doing 4 HIIT cardio sessions per week, but I feel the HIIT session I’m doing the day after leg day (especially as the intervals get longer and tougher) is not optimal. I think I might try a 45-minute fasted LISS session the day after leg day, and 1-2 HIIT sessions on the recumbent bike mixed with 1-2 extended “real world” sessions out mountain biking. The fasted LISS cardio session the day after leg day would probably be more productive than trying to do a HIIT session on very tired and sore wheels. Also, the LISS session would be beneficial simply because it’s something different.

AtLarge Nutrition NOVUS™ Protein Bar

AtLarge Nutrition NOVUS™ Protein Bar

AtLarge Nutrition is having a fantastic sale on NOVUS™ Protein Bars right now! I love both flavors, but my favorite (and what I order) is the Mint Cookie variety. When I’m out mountain biking I always carry a couple of NOVUS™ bars in my CamelBak. They really hit the spot when I need to take a break and refuel.

Almost all the protein bars I’ve tried over the years are terrible: overpriced, loaded with filler, poor quality proteins and terrible taste. Quite a few other “protein bars” I’ve seen are nothing more than glorified candy bars. NOVUS™ protein bars are nutritious, filling, extremely tasty, packed with high quality protein and very economical. There are many situations in life when carrying around a cooler or bulky food items is simply not practical, and that’s why I feel having quality protein bars on-hand is so important.

The sale only runs through Sunday, so don’t wait to place your order! More details can be found on the Current Promotions page.

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