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Finished up week #5 with a strong workout!

Saturday, February 5, 2011 by  
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45 pound plateI was feeling slightly tired heading into the gym yesterday afternoon, but I knew that once I started training I would shake that off. Sure enough, after just a few sets of warm-up deadlifts I started feeling very solid.

Last week I made a pretty nice jump in weight and added 20 pounds to my deadlift working sets. Getting those last couple of reps up was extremely difficult, but I did manage to grind them out. As most of you know, I’m a big proponent of progressive resistance training, and that style of training dictates that if you hit your target reps then the next workout you must add weight.

When I was ready to start my heavy working sets I slapped on a couple extra 5s, strapped in, got in position and banged out 6 textbook reps. The 60 seconds of rest went by in a flash, and I was still breathing hard when I started my second set. I did 6 more reps with no struggle, and had to double-check to make sure I had the right amount of weight on. Check. Still winded, I stepped up to the bar and noticed blood running down my left leg. Must have scraped a biking scab off with the bar. I know it sounds like macho BS, but the sight of the blood got me even more fired up, and my final set was 7 reps. YEAH! Next week I’m going to go for another 10 pounds.

I love deadlifting so much. It’s by far my favorite weight training exercise. If you don’t deadlift then you’re missing out on one of the most beneficial and satisfying exercises a human being can do in the weight room. Apart from injury there’s no excuse not to do them. Oh, and if you train in a gym that doesn’t allow deadlifting (and there’s another gym you could go to) then just stop reading my blog: you’re in the wrong place if you enjoy “toning” workouts and complimentary PWO pizza.

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