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New quads photo; Today’s cardio; New Favorite Things item.

Thursday, February 10, 2011 by  
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Fuel for Mountain Bikes!

Fuel for Mountain Bikes!

After Tuesday’s blog, in which I described one of the best/toughest leg workouts of my life, I received an email asking if I would mind taking a new picture of my quads. My legs were still pretty sore yesterday, but I flexed for the camera and added the photo to my 2011 Photo Album.

My quads measure 24.25 inches in this photo, and I’m around 12% body fat. There is some quad separation showing right now, but I tend to store fat on my legs until I get into the single digit body fat range. By the time I reach my goal of 7% body fat the cuts should be far deeper and more pronounced. I expect to lose at least another inch off my quads by the time this cut is over. Of course aesthetics are secondary to me right now: what I’m really after are very strong legs with exceptional muscle endurance.

Today is a cardio day, and the weather is sort of dictating my workout. It’s looking like rain all day long, so this afternoon I’m going to do an indoor HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on the recumbent bike. This is week #6 of my cut, and that means I have to do 22 minutes with 45s/45s (all out/active recovery) intervals. Yeah, this is going to be a tough one!

This will probably be my only indoor HIIT cardio session of the week: the weather is going to be cool and clear all weekend long, so I’ll be getting lots of trail time in.

Yesterday evening I added a new Favorite Things item: Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. I’ve been using these batteries for more than a year now, and they blow away every other rechargeable battery I’ve tried. Check out my review here. You won’t be disappointed!

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