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Some cravings, and how I’ve dealt with them; Are you making excuses?

No thanks!

No thanks!

After almost eight weeks with not so much as a single bite of anything off my strict cutting diet (no cheat meals, no alcohol) I’m surprised that cravings have not been a significant issue. Normally foods like barbecue pork dinners, french fries, fajitas, pizza and bacon cheese burgers are among my favorite culinary indulgences, but none of those things have tempted me in the least so far. Last night while I was preparing post-workout meal #2 (Shrimp Asian Stir Fry) I felt like I was starving to death, but the thought of junk food was still extremely unappetizing.

The above said, I have had to deal with some cravings. You may have noticed one glaring omission from the list of my favorite junk foods: popcorn. Regular readers of this blog know how much I love authentic (and unhealthy) movie theater popcorn when I’m watching a movie up in the theater. Avoiding popcorn does require a fair amount of self-discipline and pre-planning. Before my cut started I cleaned out the theater lobby’s candy counter (it’s absolutely empty), cleaned the popcorn machine and made sure there were no theater popcorn packs in the house (you can see the barren theater lobby candy counter in this video of Loki that I posted a couple of days ago). Even if all that stuff was around I wouldn’t eat it while I was cutting, but I also know from experience how strong the popcorn cravings can get so making sure there is none in the house seems to make dealing with things a little easier on me.

The only other real craving I’ve had to deal with is beer–specifically beer after working outside in the sun on the weekends. Generally speaking I’ve not had any cravings for alcoholic beverages, but nothing tastes better after several hours of yard work than a couple of ice cold beers. I find that the desire goes away pretty quickly if I just pound back the water and chew gum.

Speaking of gum, that’s one of my cutting tricks. I chew a hell of a lot of gum when I’m cutting, and I find that it really helps when I’m feeling hungry between meals. My gum of choice, if you care, is Orbit Spearmint. I just love that stuff!

When I’m cutting it helps me to remember that what I’m doing is very short term. There’s not a single person reading this that can’t be 100% disciplined for 4 – 6 months while working towards a fat loss goal.

Wait, what’s that? “Not me, I just can’t be that disciplined!” Bullcrap! You do have the self-discipline, and there’s a million reasons that I know I’m right. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it’s worth repeating: if someone said to you, “If you go six months without a cheat meal I will give you (tax free) $1,000,000.”, there’s not a single person reading this who would not walk away a millionaire. So save your excuses and just admit the truth: it’s not that you couldn’t do it, it’s that you simply didn’t want it badly enough.