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Early workout today; Giving my forearms some love; Weekend plans.

I’ve been doing the same workouts for the past 7-8 weeks (I normally switch things around every 3-4 weeks), and so Wednesday I did a whole new chest/delts/triceps workout. The new workout is not quite as high in volume as the one I was doing, but it’s still very intense and challenging. The new exercises hit the target muscle(s) slightly differently than the old exercises, and because of that I’m extra sore this morning (especially my pecs and triceps).

The main reason I stuck with the original cutting workouts for so long was because I wanted to see how far I could take my strength improvements on those exercises. I’m actually pretty surprised by some of the weights I’m moving right now, especially considering that my body weight is below 190 pounds and I’ve been in a caloric deficit for two months!

Because I’m avoiding deadlifts while we figure out what’s up with my lower back, last Friday I changed the back portion of my back/biceps/traps workout around. Today I’m going to change out the biceps and traps exercises, too. I noticed that my forearms got sore while doing some yard work last weekend, and that should never happen. I very rarely do any direct forearm work, but hammer curls always hit them real good. Yeah, I think a few sets of “down the rack” hammer curls should give my forearms the attention they seem to be needing right now.

And, speaking of today’s workout, I’m going to do it early. I dove right into my day job at 6:00 AM because I’m going to knock off early today so that I can get outside and continue my early spring yard work. There’s no way I could get a good weight training workout in after doing yard work, so I’m going to train about an hour after breakfast.

There’s always a lot of yard work to do in early spring, but this year is going to be especially labor-intensive due to the extremely harsh winter we had. Also, because I installed a backyard pond with its own extensive landscaping last summer, there’s even more work to do than usual. The yard work is just part of what needs to be done out there: I’ve also got to do some paint touch-ups and caulking, as well as pressure wash the entire house, both sides of the fence, the pavers and the sidewalk/driveway approach. The pressure washing alone is an all-day job, possibly even 1.5 days. So there will be no mountain biking this weekend: I’m going to be outside all weekend long getting my home’s exterior squared away. I’ll certainly be getting plenty of exercise!