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Productive weekend, back pain; March 100 Challenge – Last chance to register.

Monday, February 28, 2011 by  
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Felt this all weekend long.

Felt this all weekend long.

I spent the entire weekend doing yard work and other outdoor projects, and I’m feeling pretty sun-drenched and tired this morning. It was only around 80 degrees (F) on both days, and I drank a lot of water before, during and after I worked yet I’m still down several pounds and feeling very dry this morning.

One thing became very clear as I worked: the Celebrex that my doctor prescribed as possible short-term relief to my aching lower back is doing absolutely nothing for me. My lower back was killing me pretty much the entire time I worked. The pain was like a constant aching/cramping feeling in my lower back, and it detracted from the enjoyment I usually feel while working in the gardens. I didn’t mention this last week, but I felt the same lower back pain the entire time I was on last weekend’s 26 mile mountain biking trip. I see my doctor again in a little over a week to get the results of the x-rays and discuss what comes next. I’m pretty sure she would have called me if the x-rays showed anything unusual, so the next step is probably going to be an MRI. I’m going to stop taking the Celebrex because I don’t like taking medication unless it’s necessary, and this stuff is not doing anything at all for me.

It’s leg day! I’m avoiding back squats while we attempt to figure out what’s wrong with my lower back, but I’m thankful that I can do Bulgarian split squats. I’m going to add 10 pounds to last week’s weight and tough out 4×20 with 1 minute of rest between sets. This always gets my heart rate right at my maximum, and it’s also when I perform my weekly Heart Rate Recovery test (see this blog entry for more information).

Today is your last chance to register for the March 2011 “100 Challenge”!

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2 Responses to “Productive weekend, back pain; March 100 Challenge – Last chance to register.”
  1. FWIW, I got prescribed Celebrex for some stress headaches a few years ago and came to the same conculsion as you did: it does absolutely nothing. TV commercials for it are sure nice though. I also noticed my Dr. had nice Celebrex clock on the wall 🙂 I did the same thing as you and stopped taking them after about a week.

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  2. John, have you considered trying some alternatives like yoga to see if that could address your lower back pain? It might be wise to get in touch with an expert yoga instructor (someone with 20 or so years of experience) to see if they might have some suggestions for addressing your pain issues.

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