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Awesome cardio workout at Mt. Dora Resting between laps at Mt. Dora trails.

Yesterday morning I found myself in a position to break away from work for a couple of hours, and so I decided to head over to the new trail in Mt. Dora for my cardio. I checked out this trail once before right after it opened to the public, and my recollection was that it was a particularly tough cardio workout. My memory of the place was spot-on. I know most of you think of… [Read more]

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Strength continues to improve; New training pictures; New random blog feature. February 2, 2011: Triceps

Yesterday was my highest volume workout of the week: chest, delts and triceps. I really love the workout I’m doing right now, but the weight is getting up there and I knew I was going to have to dig deep to best last week’s performance. I added weight to every exercise and still hit my target reps! This Friday’s workout, if successful (and I know it will be), will mark 5 straight weeks of incredible… [Read more]

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New Content Added! Updated Content!

My 2011 Training Photos gallery has been updated with two new triceps/arm photos.

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Thinking of changing my cardio schedule; NOVUS™ Protein bar sale! AtLarge Nutrition NOVUS™ Protein Bar

This is week #5 of my 2011 cut, and yesterday was my first HIIT cardio session for this new week. As most of you know, I’ve been progressively increasing the difficulty of the intervals and/or the duration of my cardio sessions each week (see my Training page for details). This week my HIIT cardio intervals are still 45s/45s (all out/active recovery), but the sessions are now 18 minutes in length. Thanks to the brutal leg… [Read more]

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February 2011 Transformation Spotlight of the Month: SOULFLY February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY

Check out how forum member SOULFLY (Adam) went from soft and pudgy to lean and muscular!

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Improved strength and muscular endurance; February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY! February 2011 TSM: SOULFLY

Last week’s leg workout was absolutely phenomenal. I made the statement that it was the best workout so far on this cut, and that it was probably the best workout since my 2008 bulk. Yesterday was leg day, and it was one of those days when all I could think about was lifting. All day long I was just dying to get in the gym and train, and the clock seemed like it was moving… [Read more]

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