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Details of my refeed, and why I train; Took a fall yesterday. Honey, guess what? I painted the walls!

Wow, we have a serious storm passing over us right now. The wind, heavy rain and lightning is intense! Even Loki (who has never shown any signs of being scared during our strong summer thunderstorms) is curled up at my feet. We’re probably going to lose power, so hopefully I’ll get this blog posted before that happens. I know not everyone checks my food logs on JSF BodyShop™, so I’d like to expand a bit… [Read more]

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I need a refeed week. Get in my belly.

The past 12+ weeks of cutting have been awesome: I’ve had plenty of energy, my motivation has been off the charts, my cardio has improved drastically, my strength is up and the fat has come off consistently and with no stalls. This past week, however, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish, my strength is down and mentally I’m having trouble focusing. I’m so close to my goal that I could simply push through for another couple… [Read more]

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Update on my lower back pain.

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned my lower back pain. The reason for the silence is twofold: my back has not been bothering me at all, and also because I’ve been waiting for the hospital to get approval from my insurance company for the MRI that my doctor ordered. Thankfully it looks like my insurance company is not going to throw up any resistance! I heard from the hospital yesterday, and we’ve got the MRI… [Read more]

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Worked in yard yesterday; Fruit, herb & vegetable garden; Final weeks of cut. Expanded pond landscaping after planting

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation, and the original plan was to spent it up in the theater being lazy. Of course as soon as I stepped outside and saw what a beautiful day it was my plans changed in an instant. It was a warm day, but there was a nice breeze blowing and that made being outside very comfortable. I just can not be indoors when the weather is like that!… [Read more]

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2011 cut weekly progress report: week #12. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #12 of my 2011 cut is complete, and itโ€™s time for my weekly progress report. NOTE: If you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle it’s absolutely critical that you check your progress–and not just with a bathroom scale. I recommend that once every week you check your scale weight, your body fat percentage (using a caliper, not an inaccurate BIA scale) and your soft tape measurements. For maximum accuracy, it’s important to take… [Read more]

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Vacation winding down; Pond landscaping maintenance this morning. Pond landscaping is recovering well from the winter

These are the last two days of my vacation (this week just flew by, of course), and the weather is amazing! I was going to go for a bike ride this morning, but I want to hang out with Lisa. Besides, I’m more in the mood to work in the gardens around the pond. I’ll probably do an indoor HIIT cardio session later this afternoon instead. After all the hard work I put into creating… [Read more]

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Growing your own herbs and vegetables. Tomatoes, Basil & Cilantro

Lisa and I eat a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables every day. The costs for staple items such as tomato and basil have gone through the roof, and we’ve also noticed that the quality of these products are often not very good. There are many alternatives to purchasing these things in the grocery store, such as local farmer’s markets, vegetable co-ops and even growing your own. Gardening is a big interest of mine, so… [Read more]

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Lazy day yesterday, spending today outside. Bench on the Lincoln Ave Trails

After my workout yesterday morning I was feeling pretty lazy, and Lisa was too. We decided we didn’t feel like going out and doing anything, and so we just goofed off around the house. It was fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today will be a very active day. This morning I’m going to work in the yard and I’m also going to wash and detail the cars. This afternoon I’m going to go mountain biking, but I’m not… [Read more]

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Fun day of Kayaking (pictures). Small gator. He let us get right up to him.

Yesterday was a blast! Right after I finished up my blog, I ate breakfast and got my leg workout in. I normally don’t like to train so close to eating, but I wanted to get out on the water as early as possible. After my workout Lisa and I packed a bag and set off for a day of Kayaking. We started off on the Wekiwa river, but this time we paddled north where Rock… [Read more]

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Cleaning finally done; Leg workout this morning; Going kayaking. Kayaking

We didn’t finish cleaning until noon yesterday, and by the time we finally called our massive spring cleaning project “done” I was pretty tired. After being on my feet for three straight days, I decided to postpone my leg workout until this morning. I think that was a good choice. My legs feel much fresher this morning, and I’m sure that I’ll have a good workout now. If I’d tried to train yesterday afternoon I… [Read more]

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