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Software changes result in downtime; Forum software to be upgraded?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by  
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Ah, computers.

Ah, computers.

Oh boy. So yesterday’s extensive software upgrades did not go very well at all, and the result was some downtime for all the JSF sites. Thankfully the main site and the forums now appear to be stable and are running fine, but JSF BodyShop is currently still experiencing problems related to the upgrade. I hope to have BodyShop running properly again very soon. I’m very sorry for the unexpected downtime.

8:37 AM EST UPDATE: JSF BodyShop is up and functioning 100%. 🙂

Speaking of upgrades, one of the big problems related to yesterday’s updates was the forum software. The JSF forums are running a version of the vBulletin forum software that is a couple versions back from the most current release. Yesterday the forums choked on the latest release of PHP, and that required me to revert back to an older version of PHP. The reason we’re still running an older version of vBulletin is because the latest release was a major re-write and it was an undisputed disaster at launch (countless bugs, existing modifications no longer worked, poor documentation, difficult to make style modifications and so on). I’ve heard that things have improved a lot since the initial launch, and will be taking a good look at the latest version of the vBulletin forum software again sometime this weekend. The upgrade, if it happens, will be significant. The look and feel of the forums will be very different from how they are now, but I feel the current version of the forums is long overdue for an massive overhaul. I’ll keep everyone posted as I figure out the best plan to accomplish that task.

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