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Taking a few days off from training.

This past weekend I spent almost three straight days doing manual labor outside all day long. All this week I’ve been feeling unusually tired and not nearly as motivated as I have been. There’s also been some work stress, and that has affected me, too. I’ve been cutting for almost nine weeks now and, up until Monday, my training has been exceptional. I figured that I was just tired on Monday from all the work I did over the weekend, but that feeling has persisted all week long. I usually take a week off from training every 8-10 weeks, but I’d not made any specific plans to do that while on this cut.

Something I say a lot is “listen to your body”, and right now my body is saying that I need a little break. I’m not going to take a full week off from training, but I am going to stay out of the gym until Monday. My diet will remain strict, and I will still be physically active riding my bike. I’ve also got one more weekend of outdoor projects ahead of me. Thankfully this weekend’s projects are not going to be nearly as labor-intensive as last weekend’s projects. I think this little break from training will do me some good. I’ve still got another 6 weeks or so of cutting ahead of me, and I need to be on top of my game.