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Enjoying my little break but diet still clean; Aesthetic rewards.

Grilled Herb Chicken.

I think these few days I’m taking off from training are going to do me a lot of good. Over the weekend I’m going to continue with my household spring projects and maybe do some light bike riding. By the time Monday comes around I’ll sure I’ll be more than ready to get back in the gym and hit my legs. Heck, even after just two days off I’m already feeling a bit more rested.

Grilled Herb Chicken never gets old!

Grilled Herb Chicken never gets old!

My diet has remained (and will remain) 100% on-point until I reach my goal of 7% body fat. As I mentioned last week, even after almost nine weeks of a very strict cutting diet and no cheat meals the only real cravings I’ve had to deal with are so-called “associative cravings” (for example the desire for popcorn when I watch a movie or have a couple of beers after working outside). As for my regular meals, I’ve still not had any serious temptations at all. I’m very much enjoying my clean diet and how good it makes me feel. The results of my strict cutting diet have been fantastic so far, and that’s providing me with a lot of incentive to stay on target.

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I reached down to pick something up and I noticed significant improvement with my arm vascularity. This improvement has happened over the past week. Now that I’m probably below 10% body fat (I’ll find out for sure when I take my measurements on Sunday), from this point forward even small drops in body fat tend to be pretty prominent from a visual standpoint. This is the part of the cut where things get a little tougher mentally, but the aesthetic rewards come much faster and more frequently.

Happy Friday!