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AtLarge BCAA+ on sale now; I miss you, popcorn (bad cravings yesterday).

Monday, March 7, 2011 by  
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AtLarge Nutrition BCAA+

AtLarge Nutrition BCAA+

I’ve been using AtLarge Nutrition’s BCAA+ (branch chain amino acids) product this entire cut, and I’m very happy with it. AtLarge’s BCAA+ contains Lucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Glutamine and is available in grape flavor. While I’m not a big fan of grape drinks in general, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the taste of BCAA+ quite a lot; In fact, I even prefer it over my old BCAA supplement’s Orange flavor. The mixability is excellent; absolutely no clumps or grit. I toss two or three scoops into my shaker along with some water and crushed ice and drink it down about 20 minutes before my cardio or just sip on it while I train with weights. This is a great time to try this brand new product out because now through Sunday March 13th AtLarge is running a 25% off promotion on BCAA+ with no limit on how many you can purchase! You will need to enter discount code SAV25 at checkout to get the discount. More details here.

With all the work we’ve been doing around the house the past few weeks, yesterday Lisa and I decided to take a little time out to relax and watch a movie. I was craving movie theater popcorn something fierce (I like popcorn even more that Loki does, if you can believe that). I came really close to giving in, too. My mind was trying so hard to rationalize why it would be fine to go ahead and pop up a batch, and I was surprised when I realized that I was seriously entertaining these thoughts because normally I am able to quickly shut them down. I know how I am, and if I give in even once then it’s really easy to give in again… and again. This is why I have to cut body fat with no slack, no leeway and no exceptions. It’s the only way I can get it done without dragging the process out forever.

Popcorn is a big part of the movie-going experience for me, and not being able to have some literally lessens my enjoyment of the film. This is one reason why I need to do a better job of maintaining, so that I don’t need to do these extended pre-summer cuts any more. I’ve proven to myself that I can maintain low body fat while enjoying a reasonably relaxed diet (I was still around 8% body fat at the end of last summer), but I went nuts from October until the end of the year and my body fat climbed all the way up to 15.9%! This year I will maintain less than 10% body fat all year long.

Anyway, I fought through the cravings and stayed on-plan. This is where momentum is so powerful. It was much easier for me to avoid temptation because of one thought that kept entering my mind: “You’ve gone 9 weeks without a single bite of food off your planned diet… are you going to give that up now with just a few short weeks between you and your goal of 7% body fat?”

Not a chance. 🙂

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6 Responses to “AtLarge BCAA+ on sale now; I miss you, popcorn (bad cravings yesterday).”
  1. Congrats on getting down to 9% and resisting the cravings! I need to employ your counter-rationalizatoin technique. 🙂 I didn’t do nearly as well this weekend, as my scale this morning shows…

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    • Thanks!

      If I had a weekly cheat meal it would be far easier for me to say, “OK, I just had a pizza yesterday – so a little popcorn today isn’t going to make that much difference.” The momentum behind nine weeks of dietary “perfection” is extremely powerful when it comes to fighting off temptation.

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