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Seeing doctor this morning for x-ray results; Great workout yesterday!

Dr. Rosenrosen

I’m pressed for time this morning because I need to get my cardio done, eat, shower and get to my doctor before 10:00 AM. My doctor will be going over the results of my lower back x-rays with me and, if the x-rays don’t show anything, probably giving me a referral for an MRI. I’m anxious to get to the bottom of these lower back issues I’ve been dealing with all these years, so I hope the insurance company doesn’t get in the way here. Insurance hates paying for MRIs (I remember meeting with some resistance from my insurance company when I had to have an MRI done on my shoulder back in 2003 or 2004).

I have to mention yesterday’s leg workout! Last week’s leg workout was my only bad workout so far on this cut, and the five days I took off from training made a huge difference. I felt much stronger and rested yesterday compared to last week. I added reps on every exercise, and added reps plus 10 pounds to my Bulgarian split squats. I test my Heart Rate Recovery after 4×20 Bulgarians (1 minute rest between sets) and I also saw a very nice improvement there (I’ll post the actual numbers in my weekly progress report this Sunday).

I have to wrap up here and get on the bike. I’ll let you guys know what my doctor had to say in tomorrow’s blog.