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Doctors are awesome (rant_mode: on); Lower back pain update.

Nuclear ExplosionI’m going to start off this morning’s update with a little bit of a rant…

Yesterday morning I arrived at my doctor’s office for my 10:00 AM appointment at 9:55 AM sharp. Almost 2 hours later, I finally saw the doctor for a whopping 5 minutes. Apparently my doctor was the only one in that day, but I overheard one of the girls at the front desk mention that the other doctor was on vacation that week. So why did they not PLAN for that? Why was there a waiting room full of people, all with 10:00 AM appointments? I’ll tell you why: because doctors are awesome and better than the rest of us, and that means they can decide to take a week off anytime they damn well please. If I’m late for my appointment (or don’t show up) I get charged $35.00–end of story. But they can keep me sitting around half the day and that’s just fine. Where’s my check for $35.00? Hell, I didn’t even get an apology. I really like all the people there, they are always warm and friendly… but this policy (and it’s not just with this doctor, all of the other doctors I’ve been to have similar policies) really irritates me. I could almost understand them being behind if my appointment was at the end of the day, but how backed up can they be an hour after opening? The whole “Our time is more valuable than yours!” attitude (with a friggin’ one way payment penalty to drive the point home) grinds my gears.

*deep breath*

Good morning! Ok, so apart from my movie-length wait time in the lobby, things at my doctor went pretty much as expected. The x-rays of my lower back show absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, so I was given a referral for an MRI. Now it’s in the hands of the hospital that will do the MRI and my insurance company. I was told that I should hear from the hospital within the next couple of days. Depending on what the MRI shows, the next step could involve seeing a sports doctor (this would be my preferred choice), a Physiatrist (conservative, non-surgical treatment), a surgeon or a neurologist (very unlikely). I don’t want to get too far ahead of things here. I did express my desire to solve this issue non-surgically if at all possible.

I also mentioned to my doctor that the NSAID she prescribed (“Celebrex”) did absolutely nothing to help alleviate the constant lower back ache I feel while mountain biking, gardening and certain other physical activities. She prescribed a different anti-inflammatory called “Feldene” aka “Piroxicam” to see if that works any better. The NSAID is a temporary measure we’re using in an effort to provide some relief while the root cause of my lower back pain is discovered and treated.