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Poor night of sleep, time change grump; Vacation starts Saturday.

I started to write yet another a rant about the time change, but I just deleted it. Cliffs: I really hate the spring time change, and I’m grumpy this morning. Also, I threw out a bunch of old computers yesterday and I had to open each one to remove the drives. There was so much dust in those computers that I couldn’t believe it. Sure enough, even though I took an allergy pill I had trouble sleeping last night and my sinuses are fried this morning.

OK, that’s more than enough whining for one morning! 🙂

My weekly 2011 cutting progress report from this past Sunday showed an unusual amount of scale weight loss, a considerable amount of which was lean mass. I speculated that the lean mass loss was mostly water, and that it was caused by temporary dehydration from all the mountain biking I’d done on Saturday. Looks like that was indeed the case, as over the past couple of days my weight has bounced back a couple of pounds. It will be interesting to see if my body fat percentage and tape measurements go down this week while my scale weight remains more or less the same (or even higher) than it was this past Sunday.

So this Saturday I start a week-long vacation. Originally my mom was coming down for a visit, but that trip was postponed until early June. Lisa will also be off next week, and we’re planning to get outside and enjoy this incredible weather as much as possible. We’ll be doing lots of biking, hiking, kayaking and gardening, among other things. I’ve got an interesting choice to make here. I’m around 8.5% body fat right now, and that means I’ve only got around 3-4 pounds of fat left to lose to reach my goal of 7% body fat. It’s only mid-march, and so I’m WAY ahead of schedule (I thought I’d be cutting until late April or even into May). I’m sort of torn between relaxing my diet for the week I’m on vacation and remaining remaining ultra-strict. If I remain strict I’ll probably finish the cut a week, or perhaps two, from this coming Sunday. If I relax my diet a bit I doubt I’ll gain any fat, but I also won’t lose any fat. That would probably only push things back one week. The challenge (for me) would be to come back and get strict again after losing the momentum I’ve built over the past 11 weeks.

I’m also undecided on whether or not I want to continue with my daily blogs while I’m off. I’m feeling like I could use a break from everything about now. We’ll see…