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I’ve made a decision about next week and my cut.

Thursday, March 17, 2011 by  
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Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty irritable and out of sorts, and I mentioned in my blog that I was considering taking next week (I’ll be on vacation) off from my cut. I’m feeling much better this morning (I still overslept, however), and when I woke up I instantly knew my decision.

I don’t think I ever seriously considered taking next week off, I was just feeling grouchy. Taking a week off this close to my goal would be really dumb. I’ve been feeling great over the past 11 weeks (well, until the time change, which always messes up my very sensitive internal clock) and I will have a blast on my vacation while still adhering to my cutting diet. I’ve already reached one of my goals (I’m in excellent cardio shape–probably the best shape of my life), and in a couple weeks when I hit my other goal of 7% body fat the popcorn will taste that much better.

It’s interesting to note that I still have not had any serious cravings for my usual favorite “cheat” meals. I really enjoy how good my clean, all-natural diet makes me feel, and I think that’s a large part of the reason why. Also, it feels good to be fitting in all the clothes that only fit me when I’m ripped up. Yesterday I put on a pair of size 29 jeans and they were ultra-comfortable. I also have a few pair of shorts that I can’t even begin to put on unless I’m extremely lean, and they both fit perfectly when I tried them on yesterday afternoon.

I will be continuing the daily updates to my blog while I’m on vacation. This is not something that I normally do, but I feel it’s important to stay “connected” while I’m closing this cut out. The blogs next week may be more focused on all the fun I’m having than serious fitness topics, however. 🙂

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