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On vacation!; Post-cut plans; Cleaning all weekend.

Saturday, March 19, 2011 by  
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Wish you were here...

Wish you were here...

I’m on vacation! 😀


A few of you have asked me what my post-cut plans are. Of course I’ll continue weight training, and I’m going to stay with the three day split that I’m using now. My workouts will likely be a bit more free-form than they are now (meaning I’ll often decide on the spot what I’m doing for that workout). I’m also going to continue doing the same mix of cardio that I’m doing now, but I’ll probably just do 3 sessions most weeks: a LISS session the day after leg day, a 45-60 minute medium-high session on Thursday and then a day of mountain biking on the weekend. Sometimes I’ll bike both weekend days, but that will be the exception and not the rule.

As for my post-cut diet, I’ll still be eating very healthy but I’m going to do what I did last summer and focus on trying new recipes. You can expect to see many new healthy and delicious recipes added to the Recipe section of this site all summer long. All-out “splurge meals” will be consumed occasionally, but I’m really going to try and make those few and far between (like a couple times per month). Theater popcorn will be consumed at least once or twice per week, of course. 🙂

Those are the general plans, and I’ll post more specifics after I complete reach my cutting goal.

Lisa and I have decided to start off our vacation by spending the first two days (today and tomorrow) doing a very detailed spring cleaning. We spring clean every year, but this year we’re going to go above and beyond what we normally do. House cleaning may sound like a strange way to start a vacation, but getting all the work done up front and having our house as clean as it was the day we moved in a little over three years ago is going to put us in a great mood. Then we’ve got seven whole days to do whatever we want.

I’m going to eat and get to work. Enjoy your Saturday!

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