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Cleaning finally done; Leg workout this morning; Going kayaking.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by  
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We didn’t finish cleaning until noon yesterday, and by the time we finally called our massive spring cleaning project “done” I was pretty tired. After being on my feet for three straight days, I decided to postpone my leg workout until this morning. I think that was a good choice. My legs feel much fresher this morning, and I’m sure that I’ll have a good workout now. If I’d tried to train yesterday afternoon I don’t think it would have been a very good workout.

Kayaking down the Wekiwa River

Kayaking down the Wekiwa River

What about today’s regularly scheduled cardio? I’ve got that covered: we’re going kayaking today! The last time we went kayaking it was one of the highlights of our vacation, so we’re both really looking forward to going again today. This time around we’re going to explore a different river. Also, the last time we went kayaking was in the fall, so we’re expecting to see a lot of wildlife that we didn’t see before. I’ll be shooting video on my GoPro HD and we’ll also take some pictures. If we see anything interesting I’ll throw together a video tonight.

I’d better eat and get my workout done. Have a good day!

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