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Details of my refeed, and why I train; Took a fall yesterday.

Thursday, March 31, 2011 by  
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Wow, we have a serious storm passing over us right now. The wind, heavy rain and lightning is intense! Even Loki (who has never shown any signs of being scared during our strong summer thunderstorms) is curled up at my feet. We’re probably going to lose power, so hopefully I’ll get this blog posted before that happens.

I know not everyone checks my food logs on JSF BodyShop™, so I’d like to expand a bit on what the refeed I mentioned in yesterday’s blog will entail.

Yesterday my food intake was only about 400 calories higher than my present weight training day calories. Most of those calories came from clean carbs: extra brown rice, oats and red potatoes. Some additional protein was consumed as well, but not that much (extra egg whites). My scale weight this morning was the same as it was yesterday, and I’m feeling a bit better (but still pretty tired and weak). My workout was not very good (nor was Monday’s workout). I need a few more days of this, and I may continue to ramp up the calories through Sunday.

Honey, guess what? I painted the walls!

Honey, guess what? I painted the walls!

Yesterday evening between meals I was feeling hungry and weak, so I made one of my favorite “tide me over” snacks: 3 scoops of AtLarge Grape BCAA+ powder, 12 ounces of cold water and some ice made into a slushy in my Blentec Blender. I had to go upstairs for something, and when I was coming back down my leg buckled and I fell pretty hard and the slushy went all over the place. Thankfully I was near the bottom of the stairs when it happened, but I landed on the right side of my back and this morning my entire right side from my lower back all the way up to my neck is really sore. I’m OK, but that fall really underscores why this refeed is necessary. In fact, I should have done this a week or so ago when I first considered it.

I want to make something perfectly clear: I have ZERO interest in sacrificing my health, aestheticism and/or safety for low body fat or any other goal. While 7% body fat is perfectly healthy (for men), reaching that level of leanness requires some care (unless you are happy walking around like a zombie). Did you know that when most bodybuilders step on stage looking like shredded beasts, they are actually at their weakest and more or less fighting to not pass out while doing their posing routines? More power to them, but that’s not for me. I’m 42 years old, and I’ve been training for more than eight years now; over the past eight years my goals and the reasons I train and live a healthy lifestyle have changed. I’m long past the days of wanting to look huge and ripped for the sake of looking huge and ripped. I like being lean and strong, of course, but the difference between now and then is that I used to train specifically to look good, but now the way my body looks is a byproduct of the training I do for other sports. I am working just as hard as I have in the past (maybe even harder), but I’m putting that effort in for very different reasons than before.

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6 Responses to “Details of my refeed, and why I train; Took a fall yesterday.”
  1. “when most bodybuilders step on stage looking like shredded beasts, they are actually at their weakest and more or less fighting to not pass out while doing their posing routines”

    Yikes. I never thought of that, although it makes perfect sense. What level body fat do those guys try to get to? Two to three percent?

    Take care of yourself, John!

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    • Yeah, I think 2-3% for the elite bodybuilders. It’s not only the low body fat, though: they are seriously dehydrated and depleted in just about every possible way. Those posing routines are very difficult, too.

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  2. In my line of work, I often sit 8-10 hours/day in front of the computer. Do you feel that this cut/diet effects your focus and concentration to a degree that it effects you work negatively?
    (sorry for spelling, english not my main language)

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    • Up until the past couple of weeks, the answer to that question was “No”. In fact, I’ve felt particularly positive and mentally sharp for the vast majority of this cut. Right now, however, yeah… I’m having trouble focusing, and that’s a problem for me. Yet another reason this refeed is happening.

      Your English is excellent, btw.

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