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Making adjustments is fine, making excuses is not. Final stretch!

Monday, April 4, 2011 by  
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My refeed week is over, and what a difference it has made! This morning my head feels clear, my motivation is high, my focus has returned and I’m feeling energetic and positive. For the first time in a couple of weeks I’m really looking forward to hitting the weights this afternoon. There’s zero doubt in my mind that my decision to refeed was the correct one.

Over the years I’ve learned that listening to your body is very important. It’s also important to know the difference between a real issue (or potential issue) and an excuse. Feeling tired one day or dealing with a headache (just to name a couple of examples) are not a good excuses to skip your workout. Similarly, merely feeling hungry is part of the fat loss game and not a good reason to break your diet. If you are crashing hard and a pattern of weakness, strength loss, lack of motivation and metal clarity begins to emerge, then perhaps some temporary (or even permanent) adjustments to your diet and/or training may be in order. No matter what you decide, keep your diet clean and stay active. Sitting around on the couch eating junk food for a week is very often is the harbinger of a much longer backslide. In other words, listen to your body, but don’t make excuses and allow yourself to revert to bad habits. You’ve got to maintain your focus on your goals at all times!

I’m calling it now: two more weeks. My cut will end on April 17, 2011 and I will be at my goal body fat percentage of 7% (give or take a tick or two).

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