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Cut ending this Sunday?!; Loose skin.

Friday, April 8, 2011 by  
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I think last week’s refeed not only gave me the energy boost I so desperately needed, it also seemed to rev up my metabolism. Yesterday I mentioned that my scale weight was a new low of 175.2 pounds, and this morning I was very surprised to see that I’m now down to 174.4 pounds! This is the lightest I’ve been in many years. Normally I never take any measurements until Sunday (my usual progress report day), but curiosity got the better of me and this morning and I took hip, thigh and waist soft tape measurements. I’m down a quarter inch at each of those locations, and my current measurements are the same as they were last year when I reached 7% body fat. So perhaps this Sunday is going to be the end of my 2011 cut?!

I should mention that my waist measurement (currently 30.5 inches) is not taken in the traditional location. The accepted location for a waist measurement is at the narrowest part of the waist, just above the top of the hip bones (for most people this winds up being just above the belly button). I’ve always taken my waist measurement a little lower than the proper location so that it includes my “love handle” area. I started doing this back in 2003 because I didn’t know any better, and I guess I just continued that way to keep things consistent. My real waist measurement (taken in the traditional) location is presently just a hair below 29.75 inches.

I’m coming up on 43 years old. My initial transformation took place when I was 34 years old and, even though my skin tightened up fairly well after losing all that fat, I still had a bit of loose skin. Now that I’m more than eight years older my skin is not nearly as elastic as it once was. Even at close to 7% body fat my abs don’t look as ripped as they once did, and I can see and feel that it’s loose skin. I mention this because I feel that all of the bulking and cutting I’ve done over the years has contributed to this. When you have big weight swings (I’ve bulked to as high as 236 pounds), the skin stretches. Maybe 20-somethings can get away with that, but I feel compelled to issue a word of caution to people in their 30s and older. Skin elasticity decreases as we age, and once it’s stretched it often isn’t going to go back for us geezers. Constantly cutting and bulking over the years just exasperates this issue.

Someone asked me recently if I would change anything I’ve done with regards to my diet and training over the last 8+ years. At the time, I said that I had no regrets. I’d like to revise that answer now. I no longer feel that all-out bulking and cutting cycles are optimal for most people. I feel that my big weight swings over the years (bulking and cutting) have contributed to the loose skin issue and also are not particularly healthy. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would not bulk and cut. Instead, I’d focus on slowly increasing my muscle mass over a period of years. Just thought I’d put that out there in the hopes that it helps someone. Loose skin sucks!

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6 Responses to “Cut ending this Sunday?!; Loose skin.”
  1. I think you should cut down to 170 lbs that would give you some cushion to stay at single digit BF. The way you lose weight that would only be another 2-3 weeks? If I had the metabolism, determination, & knowledge you do, thats what I would do.

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    • There’s no chance of that happening. That would be totally unsustainable, counterproductive to my strength and athleticism goals and could take much longer than 2-3 weeks. Cutting from 7% to ~5% is far more difficult than the jump from 9% to 7%. Unless you’re a model or bodybuilder, 5% body fat is not something to strive for, IMO.

      Anyway, I don’t need a big cushion: my goal is to stay between 8% and 10% body fat at all times now. That’s the new challenge.

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  2. I think, however, that cutting and bulking for specific times with specific weight, measurement or calorie goals are more achievable for “normal” people. Trying to increase muscle mass or reduce fat over X period of years is tough work, motivation-wise. It’s easier in that sense to work all out for a specific goal. Maybe there’s no perfect world after all 😛 Congrats on being so strict with your diet and almost reaching your goal!

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