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2011 Cut is over: 6.9% body fat! End of cut wrap-up.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 by  
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173.6 pounds / 6.9% body fat

173.6 pounds / 6.9% body fat

This morning when I stepped on the scale I was pretty shocked when I saw the number: 173.6 pounds! I checked through my old stats, and this is the lightest I’ve been since all the way back in 2004!

Of course as soon as I saw my weight I decided that I had to take my body fat reading and measurements a day early, and so I did: the result was 6.9%!

Let’s go over the final numbers. Rather than type it all out, here’s a screenshot from JSF BodyShop™ with all my 2011 cut before and after stats:

Quick summary: 14 weeks, 29.6 pounds lost, -4.75″ from waist, -2,75″ from thighs, -4 inches from hips and -.5 inches from chest.

I’m very happy with the results of this year’s cut. The hard work and self-discipline I’ve put in over the past 14 weeks wasn’t always easy, but it was well worth it. I feel better, I look better and I’m in the best cardiovascular shape of my life. Carrying around 30 pounds less on the mountain biking trails is like night and day!

While aesthetics is no longer a primary goal of mine (and I no longer take posed progress photos), I still regularly post photos in the Pictures Section of this site. Now that I’ve reached my body fat goal I’ll be sure to get some new pictures up in the coming weeks.

I do have an interesting before/current shot this morning, and it’s something that I’ve never done before. A few weeks ago I came across a photograph of me in my office that was taken on the day I started this year’s cut. I tend to show weight gain in my face quite a bit, but I was still shocked when I saw how fat my face had become over last year’s holidays. Check this out:

2011 Cut: Face Before and After

2011 Cut: Face Before and After

Yikes! I’m printing this picture out and putting it in my gym for motivation as I maintain.

Over the past few months I’ve mentioned quite a few times what my goals would be once my cut was over, but I’ll repeat those goals now:

  • Maintain less than 10% body fat at all times
  • Continue to improve my cardiovascular abilities
  • Continue to improve my strength and muscle endurance

Maintaining less than 10% body fat is going to be my biggest challenge. I am such an all or nothing type person that finding balance and moderation has always been difficult for me. I made some excellent progress in that regard last year over the summer, but slipped mightily (sloppy diet) around October and never recovered for the rest of the year. Things are going to be different this year. When I ring in 2012 I will be at less than 10% body fat. I’ve got to break this bulk/cut cycle; it’s just no good for me anymore.

After 14 weeks of strict dieting you guys probably think I’m dying to have a big cheat meal tonight, huh? Nope. I just don’t want one. Believe me, after all this strict dieting I’m surprised that I’m not craving something decedent, too.

I’m out of time, but I’ll talk some more about my upcoming plans tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who’s followed this year’s cut. It’s been a cool ride!

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14 Responses to “2011 Cut is over: 6.9% body fat! End of cut wrap-up.”
  1. Outstanding!!! Congratulations! The hardest part, for me, has always been to maintain the low bodyfat %. I think, perhaps, it’s because I know that I can *always* cut in a *relatively* short period of time and I always seem to have a very poor memory thinking retrospectively about how hard it actually is to cut. While I’m actually cutting, I damn myself for every extra stupid calorie I had eaten promising “never again.” But, I too am an all or nothing guy. I am very curious to see what your experience will be and how you will go about dealing with maintenance, especially since (in my view) the body begins to act differently (perhaps hormone differences?) after a cut. Continuing to dial in the daily caloric intake, for me, is the only way. For you and a goal of staying 9% or less, from a strictly weight point of view, it likely means that you really can never be above 179 (or 5 lbs from your current weight). Thoughts?

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  2. One more thing. I really have to congratulate you on the TEXTBOOK way that you did your cut. Exactly the way it should be done. Few people have the patience, discipline, and fortitude to follow a cutting plan so precisely.

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  3. One more thing. I really have to congratulate you on the TEXTBOOK way that you did your cut. Exactly the way it should be done. Few people have the patience, discipline, and fortitude to follow a cutting plan so precisely. Well done.

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  4. Thanks much everyone! Feeling just flat out awesome today!

    pro, my goal is to stay below 10% body fat, so I’ve got a bit of leeway. Weight isn’t a good indicator because I will certainly put on water weight after a cheat meal or whatever (and that’s lean mass). Also, what about gains in muscle? I’ll be carefully tracking my bodyfat and all my other stats every single Sunday for the rest of the year (if not longer) to help keep me on track.

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