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End of cut celebration; Expanding a bit on one of my new goals.

Sunday, April 10, 2011 by  
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My end of cut celebration (if you missed yesterday’s update, I hit my goal of 7% body fat) was a lot of fun! I decided to take the day off from cardio and just enjoy myself, but I didn’t spend the day laying around the house, either. Lisa and I went out in the morning to take care of a few errands, then we came home and worked in the yard for a few hours. I did quite a bit of digging, and got a pretty decent cardio workout in from that alone.

After we worked in the yard we went up into the theater to watch The Fighter, and I got to have some glorious movie theater popcorn for the first time in more than three months! After all this time without my favorite snack in the whole world, the smell of the popcorn was so intoxicating that I felt like I died and went to heaven.

I have a few pair of size 28 shorts than I can’t even begin to fit into except when I’m very lean. Even at when I’m around 9% body fat my size 28 shorts are a little tighter than I like. Yesterday it felt fantastic being able to comfortably wear these shorts again. In fact, once the shorts became a little heavier with sweat from working in the yard I actually found myself needing to pull them up occasionally! It felt very rewarding to be able to wear these clothes again.

If you read yesterday’s update and saw my January 2011 vs April 2011 face comparison photo, then I don’t need to tell you how quickly fat gains show in my face. I mean, 15.9% body fat (my body fat at the start of 2011) is perfectly healthy, and many people who are at 16% body fat still look quite lean in the face. Man, not me! Even when I’m as lean as I am now, just one big splurge meal makes my face look noticeably puffy the next day (although nothing like my January 2011 picture!) I feel so uncomfortable when I look like I did in January and, by comparison, I feel confident and happy with how I look now. This is just one more reason that I’m very serious about maintaining sub-10% body fat at all times from now on (…and I do mean always). As an all-or-nothing type person, this new goal is going to require a fair amount of work on my part. In many ways this is one of the hardest goals I’ve ever set for myself. Moderation in either direction has never been my strong suit.

Last night's steak dinner

Last night's steak dinner

Last night for dinner I suppose I could have had pizza or barbecue, but I still was not in the mood for a heavy splurge meal. I decided to grill up a couple of nice NY strip steaks and roast some red potatoes with olive oil and some herbs from our garden. The meal tasted absolutely delicious, and I woke up this morning looking every bit as lean as I did yesterday. My scale weight is also identical to yesterday’s weight of 173.6 pounds. I’m glad I didn’t have a big heavy splurge meal.

Of course I will have pizza, barbecue, french fries and stuff like that again, but I’m going to really focus on limiting my consumption of that junk. Instead of saying, “I’m going to eat a splurge meal twice per week” like it’s some sort of mandate, I’m only going to have one when the cravings are overwhelming. I think this plan is a solid base from which to begin my newest–and possibly most challenging–goal.

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