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Quick updates on strength, energy and lower back.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 by  
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My strength came back quickly thanks to the refeed I did a week before my cut ended, and I had some excellent workouts last week. My strength and energy levels are still very high. Yesterday’s leg workout was a good one, and I managed to set another 2011 personal record on Bulgarian Split Squats. Over the past couple days I’ve slowly been increasing my calories over what I was eating at the end of my cut, and will continue to do so.

My lower back has been a non-issue these past few weeks. Not only has my back not bothered me at all, I even stopped taking the NSAID my doctor prescribed almost two weeks ago. I am going to continue to train without doing squats and deadlifts and see if avoiding those two exercises eliminates my chronic lower back pain. As much as I’d hate two give those two exercises up, I will if doing so solves my back problems. Squats and deadlifts are probably the two best exercises one can do, however there are plenty of exercises that will allow me to continue to work around them if it comes to that.

I am running very late this morning, and I still need to get my cardio done before work. Back tomorrow with more, as always!

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