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New recipe will be posted this weekend; Outdoor projects.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 by  
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Green Chile Pinto Beans With Chicken & Rice

Green Chile Pinto Beans With Chicken & Rice

Mmmmmm! I took this picture of my lunch yesterday afternoon. This is the dish that I mentioned Lisa and I made the other day: Green Chile Pinto Beans With Chicken & Rice. I can’t post the recipe yet, I’m afraid. There was a lot of tasting and adjusting as we perfected the flavors and I realized yesterday that I don’t recall the precise amounts of a few of the ingredients and spices we used. I want to make sure the posted recipe is as tasty as what we’re eating, and that the nutrition facts are also correct. We’re going to prepare another batch this weekend (all the individual portions we froze are already almost gone!), and this time I’ll make detailed notes.

Some of you may remember that last August (pretty much the hottest and most humid month of the year here in Central Florida), I built a pond in backyard. The project took about a month, and it was a huge amount of backbreaking work. The heat and humidity were so bad that simply walking outside was uncomfortable. I swore that I would never do another major outdoor project during the “hot months” again. The temperatures this week have been back in the low 90s, and it’s really warming up quickly. So why is it that I feel an almost irrepressible urge to take on another large outdoor project? I don’t even have anything specific in mind, but the urge is definitely there. Maybe I should go the Peter from Office Space route: quit my tech job and become a roofer or something…

I’m rambling. Anyway, looking forward to a great chest/delts/triceps workout this afternoon! The extra food I’m eating now that my cut is over is providing me with a lot of energy (I’m still eating 100% clean, by the way). I expect my strength to continue to improve throughout the year, but I’m not looking to put on size. I’m actually enjoying being light and relatively small compared to recent years. 🙂

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  1. Have you taken any pictures since you reached your cutting goal? I know you aren’t taking posed photos anymore but you had been taking some throughout your cut, so you should take some more now that you’re finished.

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