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Weird not having sore legs on Tuesday; Going for a bike ride.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 by  
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All ready to ride!

All ready to ride!

I’ve grown quite accustomed to being greeted by leg soreness on Tuesday, and so it was somewhat strange to climb out of bed pain-free this morning. Well, I say “pain”, but I actually enjoy the feeling of being sore. I don’t find DOMS unpleasant at all. In fact, sometimes When I’m working out I’m able to get a few extra reps in because I tell myself, “Imagine how sore you’ll be if you can do three more reps!” I’m sure that my neighbors wonder why I’m often hobbling around outside early in the week. They probably think, “John walks around like an old man, he should really start exercising!”

So, with my fresh legs and a nice morning outside I’m going to skip my usual 45-minutes of fasted LISS cardio and go for a bike ride. Almost all my riding lately has been mountain biking on the trails, so this morning I think I’m going to ride around the neighborhood and do some exploring on the vacant land nearby. I guess I’m just in the mood for something different today.

Speaking of something different, I’ve got some salmon defrosting in the fridge for tonight’s dinner. I’m not sure how I’m going to prepare it, but I know it’s going to have some dill. Our dill plant is growing like wildfire! It seems like no matter how much I use it produces twice as much as I take away. This is a nice problem to have. Maybe later this week I’ll give an update on all the fruit, vegetables and herbs we’ve got going in the backyard.

I’ve got the bike all ready to roll, so I’m going to wrap this up and start turning the pedals. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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4 Responses to “Weird not having sore legs on Tuesday; Going for a bike ride.”
  1. I have to say, I get strange looks from coworkers when I say I love feeling sore. Makes you feel like the workout was worth while when you can’t move your arms or legs.

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  2. Hey John. Two questions:

    1. You must be riding like a bat out of hell after the leg workouts + dropping the pounds. How is your riding going?

    2. I recall you’re not being a fan of working out fasted out of concern for burning muscle, but now I see that you’re doing your morning LISS fasted. Did your original stance pertain largely to HIIT?

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

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