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My AtLarge Nitrean+ review.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 by  
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I received my most recent order from AtLarge Nutrition on Tuesday afternoon. I was especially excited because this order contained a tub of their brand new product, Nitrean+ (if you missed the product announcement with detailed information about Nitrean+, it can be found in last Friday’s blog). Obviously I can’t review the effects of increased whey isolate and the addition of the BCAA Leucine, but I can review the taste.

First, as many of you already know, Nitrean has been my protein powder of choice since 2006. Nitrean is offered in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. I’m not a big fan of strawberry (in general), so I’ve always used chocolate and vanilla Nitrean about equally. Even after all these years I still love drinking my Nitrean protein shakes, and that’s because AtLarge really put a lot of effort into nailing the flavors. Of course taste is highly subjective, but I think most people who try Nitrean agree that it tastes great. Nitrean+ comes in a brand new flavor that is exclusive to the product: Rich Dutch Chocolate.

Nitrean+ powder is a little finer than regular Nitrean, and–just like Nitrean–it mixes instantly with no clumping. Note that I only did the “stir with a spoon” mix test for the purposes of this review, normally I make all my shakes in my Blentec Blender.

My opinion is that Nitrean+ tastes fantastic! It definitely has a very rich and smooth chocolate flavor. It doesn’t have that “cake batter” taste that regular Nitrean has, but it has its own very distinct taste that I really enjoy. Is it better than regular Chocolate Nitrean? I personally don’t think so, but I do think it is every bit as good as Nitrean. What I really like is now I have three distinct flavors that I can choose from.

So I guess I just sort of answered the next logical question, and that is “Will you be switching to Nitrean+ exclusively?” No, I won’t. I’ve been able to accomplish everything I want using regular Nitrean, and that’s because it’s already an awesome product. The addition of the extra whey isolate and 5g of Leucine might be of more interest if I were actively cutting or bulking and looking to perfect every last detail of my diet, but for someone like me who’s just maintaining the changes in Nitrean+ are not much of a concern. On the other hand, the small increase in price for Nitrean+ over regular Nitrean (3 bucks for 70 servings) amounts to a ~4.3 cent increase per serving, so that’s not enough to prevent me from buying it for the new flavor alone. The extra isolate and Leucine are just bonuses.

Give Nitrean+ a try and add your opinions below!

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