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Friday, and missing deads.

Friday, May 6, 2011 by  
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The squat and deadlift area of my home gym.

The squat and deadlift area of my home gym.

It’s Friday (yay), and this afternoon is my back, biceps and traps workout. I have really been missing deadlifts (my favorite lift) , but since I stopped doing them my lower back pain has completely vanished. When I went for a 19 mile mountain bike ride on Tuesday, for the first time ever there was absolutely zero pain in my lower back. Normally after riding almost 20 miles over rocks, giant roots, jumps, logs and all kinds of other natural obstacles my back would be hurting pretty bad by the end of the trip, so it was a very welcome change to not have to deal with that constant sort of clamping lower back ache that I’ve grown to live with during activities like mountain biking. The lack of back pain allowed me to focus 100% on my biking, and because of that I was able to enjoy my adventure even more than I usually do.

But I really miss deadlifting, and I’m not quite ready to give the lift up completely. I’ve talked to some friends around my age, and many of them–for the same reasons as me–had to give up heavy deads, but have been able to continue doing them using more moderate weight. While my days of seeing that oh-so-satisfying bar flex as the plates break off the ground are probably over, there are still plenty of cool deadlift challenges using lighter weight. For example, my friend Andrew (zenpharaohs on the Forums), does some killer deadlift/cardio challenges, like attempting 50×315 in less than 10 minutes (that’ll get your heart rate up there). So I think today I’m going to do something along those lines and see how my back feels this weekend.

I’ve got a 10:00 AM appointment and a lot of work to get done, so I’d better wrap this one up. Hope your day is a great one!

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