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Raise your metabolism as you age? It can be done.

Saturday, May 7, 2011 by  
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Last night's dinner: NY strip with butter, dill & garlic potatoes

Last night's dinner: NY strip with butter, dill & garlic potatoes

My pre-summer fat loss cut ended almost four weeks ago, and while I’ve enjoyed a few decidedly less than healthy foods, I still have not had what I’d call a real “cheat” meal. I guess I’ve been enjoying my healthy diet so much that I simply have not had any cravings for my usual favorite indulgences like pizza or pulled pork barbecue dinners. Last Sunday (which is the day I take my weekly measurements, body fat reading and scale weight) I was still holding steady at 6.8% body fat. Even though I’ve been eating 95% clean, I’m still slightly surprised that I have not gained any fat at all since my cut ended. Maintaining less than 7% body fat usually requires me to adhere to an extremely strict diet, but I certainly have not felt deprived since my cut ended. For example, last night I prepared a fantastic NY strip served with some amazing dill potatoes. Diet food? Definitely not, but far from unhealthy in moderation.

I think the lack of full-out splurge meals once or twice per week as well as all the mountain biking and intense weight training I do is what’s making the difference. I’ve never taken my cardio training more seriously than I have so far this year; as a result of all the intense cardio training I’ve been doing my metabolism has adjusted and is running hotter than ever. Translation: I get to eat more and not gain fat. 🙂

I’m almost 43 years old, and most people around my age complain that their waistlines are expanding and there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s nonsense. While it’s true that our metabolisms slow as we age, there’s lots that can be done to combat that. If you sit around eating junk food all the time and don’t bother to exercise then of course your metabolism is going to slow down. You can kick back and accept it, or you can get off the couch and do something about it!

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