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Chewed alive; Garden harvest; A couple of sales going on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by  
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Fresh from the garden!

Fresh from the garden!

I’m suffering a bit from the 31 mile mountain bike ride on Monday. I’m a little saddle sore, but the worst part is that I’m absolutely covered in spider, ant, mosquito and tick bites. My legs are a mess right now. I’ve always resisted using inspect repellent, and I’ve found the more “natural” repellents to be ineffective against the swarms of forest bugs. I’m going to break down and get some DEET repellent this week. The insects represent a much greater health hazard, IMO.

Some of the tomatoes and jalapenos we’re growing are ready to harvest, and so last night I decided to whip up a big batch of pico de gallo using fresh ingredients from the garden. I make my pico de gallo very traditionally, which I feel is the absolute best of all the different picos I’ve tried over the years. I dice about 4 large tomatoes, a couple large jalapenos and a white onion, and I toss that with a bunch of chopped cilantro, some lime juice, a little salt and some fresh ground pepper.

The jalapenos are extra spicy because you grew them with love!

The jalapenos are extra spicy because you grew them with love. Hooty!

The jalapenos we just harvested are extremely potent compared to those we usually buy in the grocery store. I’m not sure why that is (I think Carla does, however), but I certainly don’t mind. I love spicy food! I never remove the seeds or membrane from the jalapenos. If you ask me, that’s the best part!

I had to figure out something to do with the pico de gallo. We have a bag of restaurant-style tortilla chips that would have been perfect, but that’s not a very healthy dinner. I decided instead to make soft tacos. I used whole grain tortillas, diced chicken breast, pico de gallo and a little bit of reduced fat sour cream. I’m generally not a big fan of sour cream, but it provided the perfect cool counterpoint to the spicy pico del gallo.

Before I wrap this up, I’ve got a couple of reminders in case you missed the original announcments…

Chicken Soft Tacos with fresh Pico De Gallo

Chicken Soft Tacos with fresh Pico De Gallo

Aram “Mastover” Hamparian is having a terrific 15% off sale all this month! Aram has assisted many of the JSF Transformation Spotlight of the Month recipients reach their goals, and I’ve also worked with Aram several times. If you want to take the guesswork out of your diet and training, contact Aram today!

AtLarge nutrition is also having a big sale right now: they’ve got heavy discounts going on their #1 selling product, Nitrean protein powder (chocolate and strawberry). Now’s a great time to stock up, so don’t miss out!

Remember to check the Current Promotions section of the site frequently for information on all the latest discounts, sales and specials.

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2 Responses to “Chewed alive; Garden harvest; A couple of sales going on.”
  1. Plain Greek Yogurt makes a great healthy substitute for sour cream in Mexican dishes. You barely notice it isn’t sour cream.

    Are you worried about Lyme disease risk from the tick bites? I always get freaked out finding a tick crawling on me, much less biting me.

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    • I guess the concern for Lyme is in the back of my mind, however I got the ticks off and washed up pretty quickly. Also, Lyme disease, while not unheard of, is pretty rare in this area.

      My understanding is that the potential for infected ticks to transmit disease to the host really starts to skyrocket if they are allowed to stay attached for a long period of time. I am watching the areas closely for the the telltale “bullseye”, and I’ll also go right to my doctor if I start to feel ill.

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