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New recipe: Multigrain Pasta With Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce

Monday, May 16, 2011 by  
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Multigrain Pasta With Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce

Multigrain Pasta With Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce

I really enjoyed the 3-day food photography seminar that I participated in over the weekend. I feel like I learned quite a bit about how the professionals photograph food, and that duplicating that level of expertise and precision is not realistic for the average person who just wants to take a nice picture of a meal before it’s actually consumed. The professional team on a food shoot will obsess over every last detail in the frame for an hour or more, and obviously the food is not edible by the time they are done.

That’s not to say that nice looking food pictures can’t be made by home cooks! I certainly learned a lot about how to assemble a scene for a food photograph, and some real nice tricks of the trade. I took the photo you see here less than a minute before I ate, and I did it with very little prep other than a rough composition idea and a couple test shots to get the proper exposure. So while I’m far from an expert, and I certainly didn’t come close to producing a magazine cover photograph, I think it’s a pretty decent shot–certainly the best food photograph I’ve made so far!

As for the meal itself, what we made last night was a multigrain pasta with an incredible homemade marinara sauce using fresh tomatoes from our garden, extra thin-sliced purple garlic, chopped Vidalia onions, fresh basil from our garden, red wine, extra virgin olive oil, a bay leaf, salt, fresh ground pepper and a touch of sugar. We ate the pasta along with freshly baked ciabatta bread with whole garlic cloves topped with salt, pepper and rosemary. We dipped the bread in olive oil with fresh rosemary from our garden and plenty of cracked black pepper.

The marinara we made was so delicious that I had to add the recipe to the Recipe Section of the site: Multigrain Pasta With Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thumbs up on the photograph, looks like you put in some time for the scene, nice work. Thumbs down to MS for the video grab and no credit due, very lame indeed.

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