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17 year wedding anniversary celebration this weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 by  
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If you’re cutting fat right now, please skip today’s blog: I’m going to talk about my plans for the weekend, and you will hate me.

Today Lisa and I are celebrating our 17 year wedding anniversary! I still can’t believe we’ve been married 17 years. We’ve actually been together for almost 22 years now, which is just astonishing because I still don’t even feel like I’m 22 years old. 🙂

Fresh Pico De Gallo

Fresh Pico De Gallo

We’re going to sort of turn this weekend into an extended celebration. We kicked things off last night with an awesome dinner. We started with some fresh pico de gallo and warm corn tortilla chips. The pico was made from tomatoes and jalapenos right from our garden. After the appetizer settled I grilled a couple of beautiful steaks and served them with what has become a huge favorite around here , dill potatoes with garlic and butter.

Check out the new dishes in the pico de gallo photo! We received the dishes as an anniversary gift from a couple of family members, and they are fantastic. No more food photographs on ugly, chipped plates (we really should have replaced the junky stuff we’ve been using years ago). The new dishes are the Mikasa Antique White 45-Piece Dinnerware Set. We love these dishes, and based on the reviews at Amazon (27 reviews, all 5-star) they should last practically forever without chipping or scratching.

You know, with all the work we’ve put into our little backyard pond oasis it’s sort of silly that we have nowhere to sit out there and enjoy it. Well, a little birdie told me that later today we might go shopping for a patio furniture set. 😉

Lisa’s parents are coming over later today to spend the weekend with us and celebrate our anniversary. I’m not sure what we’re doing for dinner tonight, but I’m sure it’s going to be something really good and really fattening. That’s OK – I’m still around 7% body fat, my weight training workouts were all excellent this week and I put in more that 60 miles out on the trails over the past week.

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your Saturday! I’ll be back tomorrow with my (very bloated) weekly progress report and stats.

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  1. Congratulations John. 17 years of being married in today’s world is quite an accomplishment. Good for you guys for sticking it out. And yes, the dishes look great.

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