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Fun weekend; Pre-vacation diet plans; Mountain biking this morning.

Monday, May 23, 2011 by  
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Relaxing out back with Lisa and her parents.

Relaxing out back with Lisa and her parents.

What a fun weekend! As I mentioned in Saturday’s blog, we were in celebration mode and I relaxed my diet quite a bit over the entire weekend. We even went out to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning, and I especially enjoyed that because I almost never go out for breakfast (like, maybe once very couple of years). It was very crowded, and by the time we were seated it was way past my normal breakfast time and I felt like I was going to pass out. So I ordered a huge breakfast and ate every bite: four pancakes with maple syrup, 3 over easy eggs, 2 homemade biscuits, 4 slices of bacon, breakfast potatoes, 3 cups of black coffee and a glass of orange juice. That huge brunch filled me up for pretty much the rest of the day.

So you know what I was absolutely craving last night for dinner? A chicken breast, brown rice and veggies. 😆 Of course that’s exactly what I had, and it tasted great. I can only handle so much off my regular diet before I start really feeling the difference.

I am still pretty bloated this morning, and as has been the case for the past three weeks I’m going to go mountain biking and sweat out this excess water. I really like starting my week off with an extended mountain biking ride, it really seems to help relax and focus me.

I’m going to be going on vacation in less than two weeks, and so over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be pretty strict with my diet. I’m not really aiming to drop any body fat (I’m still in the low 7% range), but if I do burn a way a pound or two before my vacation I won’t complain. I will probably be thankful for the extra bit of leeway because with my mom here I won’t be shying away from any of her awesome cooking. We’ve already got a steamed Maryland crab feast planned, and I may be enjoying my first bite of pizza this year (homemade green tomato pizza!)

I’d better lace up and hit the trails – I’ve got lots of work to do before my vacation!

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