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Today’s cardio: Yard Work!

Saturday, May 28, 2011 by  
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Yard work!

Yard work!

I’d love to go mountain biking this morning, but today is officially project day around here. This morning I’ll be doing yard work, then I need to go to the home center for a few items that I need to complete a few other projects around here. It’s been pretty hot lately, but I still like working in the yard quite a lot.

Back before my transformation I used to let the yard go for weeks, and sometimes even months. It was a disaster! I would sit around the house smoking pot all weekend, and would ignore the letters from the Home Owner’s Association demanding that I keep up with my property (this was at my old house). I remember when I finally got off my butt long enough to mow the weeds, I would wear jeans and a big shirt because I was too embarrassed to wear shorts.

The old house, pre-transformation

The old house, pre-transformation

Actually I have a picture of how our old yard looked prior to my transformation, check the photo to the left out.

The lack of caring about my health and appearance certainly carried over to almost every other aspect of my life; that’s certainly reflected in how I maintain my home now compared to prior to 2003. 🙂

It’s interesting how neglect becomes a habit that infects all areas of life, but the reverse is also true. If you want to change your life, I believe health and fitness is the best place to start.

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One Response to “Today’s cardio: Yard Work!”
  1. I believe this before/after shot (I know they are in different houses, but *still*) is nearly as effective as some of your physical transformation ones.

    You can just feel… ‘whoa that guy’s mind is so much clearer.’

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