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Differences between this year’s maintenance and last year; Reminders.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 by  
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I don't know you.

I don't know you.

Yesterday Lisa and I were out driving when we passed our favorite barbecue joint. I wouldn’t have even noticed, but the smell was amazing. It occurred to me that I’ve not had so much as a single bite of pork barbecue or pizza in 2011. Those are a couple of my favorite foods, so it’s fairly surprising that entering the month of June I’ve not had either of them so far this year.

When I completed my 2011 cut almost 2 months ago I said I was not going to have a fixed cheat meal schedule. This new “strategy” is in stark contrast to what I’ve done in years past, where I would set a fixed number of splurge meals per week (usually 1 or 2). I think when I set a fixed number of splurge meals it became a self-fulfilling prophecy and I sort of felt compelled to have those meals even if I wasn’t particularly craving them. This year I’m just keeping things very fluid, so I might have two cheat meals one week, and then go 2 weeks before having another one. I think this is a better plan, and may be part of the reason why I’m still in the low 7% body fat range two months after ending my cut.

As for the barbecue, like I said it smelled great, but neither of us were really dying for it so we passed it by without much discussion.

A few quick reminders…

This is the final day to get in on Mastover’s May 15% Off Sale! If you want to get in great shape for the summer, Mastover is the man with the plan.

This is also your last chance to register for the June 2011 “100 Challenge”. Details and registration information can be found here.

Finally, I’ll be on vacation starting this Saturday. There will be no updates to this site from Saturday June 4th through Sunday June 12th. My regular daily blog will return on Monday June 13th.

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2 Responses to “Differences between this year’s maintenance and last year; Reminders.”
  1. Interesting strategy, John. I was wondering if you are doing the same thing with your normal meals? I know in the past you’ve always planned out and prepared everyday meals in advance. Do you still go by the fixed 5-6 scheduled meals on a daily basis or are you more loose with your daily meals?

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    • In general I’m eating 5 meals per day, but no pre-planning. I still prepare chicken breasts in batches of 5 or 6, and I also still prepare large batches of rice and freeze the individual servings, but I don’t pre-plan by saying… “Tomorrow for lunch I will have this.” For the most part I’m eating the same stuff I was eating on my cut, but more of it. Dinners are usually a little more open, and that’s when I try cooking new (but healthy) recipes.

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