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What about breakfast? This morning's delecious breakfast!

In Tuesday’s blog I talked about some of the things I do to make my lunches quick, easy, healthy and tasty. When I’m not cutting or bulking I don’t log my meals or count calories, and so I received an email asking me what I’ve been eating for breakfast since my cut ended. On most mornings I eat almost the exact same breakfast, and I never get sick of it. As with my lunch, I… [Read more]

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Early workout today; Computer upgrades. Computer upgrades today

All my gigantic videos, RAW image files from my 18 MP camera and server backup files have taken their toll on my hard drives. My poor little 2×640 GB hard drives (in a hardware RAID 1 config) are bursting at the seams, and I can no longer put off the upgrade. This morning I’ll be replacing the two old drives with a total of 4 terabytes (same hardware RAID 1 configuration), so that should alleviate… [Read more]

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Some tricks I use to eat healthy and stay away from junk. Mmmmmm!

Yesterday for meal #2 I prepared my usual: grilled chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli (sometimes I have salad instead of broccoli). I’ve been eating chicken and brown rice for so long you’d think I’d be absolutely sick of it, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as I’m tying this I’m actually craving chicken and brown rice! So I started thinking about why I enjoy this meal so much, and why… [Read more]

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Intense 15 mile trail ride yesterday (with pictures). Bike on a Trail: Vultures surround what was Prevatt Lake

I know I said I was going to wait another week to get back out on the trails, but yesterday morning I was unable to resist the temptation any longer. I loaded up my bike and headed over to Wekiwa for a short, but intense, 15 mile ride. It was an overcast morning and so the heat was bearable, but the humidity was beyond ridiculous. When the humidity is that high it makes it much… [Read more]

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2011 maintenance weekly progress report: week #11. Slim Guide Skin Fold Caliper

Week #11 of my 2011 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My goal is to complete 2011 without ever rising above 10% body fat. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 179 pounds. That’s a 3.8 pound gain since last week, and a 5.4 pound gain from my end-of-cut weight of 173.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning is 8.0% (the digital caliper… [Read more]

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Another good workout, strength not what it once was; Riding this morning. About halfway through my bulk, December 2008.

I went super heavy for yesterday’s back workout, and it felt great to do so, but it’s a bit of an ego hit when I go heavy because my strength is not what it once was. These days the focus of my training is on muscle endurance and intensity, and I’ve been very successful in that capacity: my cardio and muscle stamina are both far better than they have ever been. I’m still pretty strong… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s bike ride went better than expected! A bike lane near my house.

So yesterday morning I was going to go for a bike ride before it got too hot, but things didn’t work out that way. I forgot that I had some work that I needed to get done first thing in the morning (thank goodness for phone calendar alarms!), and by the time I finished everything it was around lunch time. It was extremely hot outside (I think the heat index was something like 104 degrees)… [Read more]

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Good workout yesterday; Riding this morning. This is how I've been feeling this week.

I did my chest/delts/triceps workout a little earlier than usual yesterday, and it was a good one. I felt a little off at the start of the workout, but I quickly found my groove and was really happy with how things went. I decided to place the focus of the workout on heavy, low rep compound exercises. Even though I was doing reps in the 4-6 range and longish (2-3 minute) rest intervals, I was… [Read more]

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Back to the gym today; Nitrean and BCAA+ sale – lowest prices ever! FREE AtLarge Nutrition BCAA+ offer extended one day!

I’m finally feeling mostly recovered from Saturday’s mountain biking episode. About the only lingering effect is that I still seem pretty sensitive to the sun, which is to be expected. I’ll be returning to the gym today for my chest, delts and triceps workout. I’ve had the air conditioning turned down quite low all this week (70 F – sorry, Lisa!), as anything higher makes me feel hot and flushed. It will be interesting to… [Read more]

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Still recovering from Saturday; My prefered electrolyte source. I've been breaking these out a lot the past few weeks.

After doing a good deal of research I’m convinced that what happened on Saturday was extreme heat exhaustion and (thankfully) not a full-on heat stroke. I’m still recovering and feeling a little better each day, but I am still not 100%. I’ve been feeling somewhat lethargic and warm, and my sinuses are a little messed up and causing occasional headaches. I have also been extra hungry and thirsty, and so I’ve been eating and drinking… [Read more]

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