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I’m on vacation!; New mountain biking distance personal record.

Friday, June 3, 2011 by  
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I'm on vacation!

I'm on vacation!

It’s finally the Friday before my vacation! I’ll be 100% off from everything (job, this blog, training) from Saturday, June 4 through Sunday, June 12. My regular daily updates to this site will resume on Monday, June 13.

Even though I won’t be doing any formal training while I’m off, it will be a very active week. I plan to do lots of mountain biking, hiking and site-seeing in places I don’t get to visit very often. Of course I’ll be taking lots of photographs, so you can look for those in my new photography journal, In The Blink Of An Eye. I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of pictures along with other random nonsense on Facebook, too, so feel free to friend me there if you like.

Yesterday I drove over to Wekiwa, and set a new mountain biking distance personal record: 34.8 miles, all on the dirt! All the rain we’ve had lately really helped with the sugar sand, and so I was able to go much faster than usual. I crested Heart Rate Hill faster than I ever have, and my heart rate only reached 192 BPM (I normally max my heart rate–196 BPM–on this hill). It was one heck of a workout, and really needed it after three days with no rides.

Wekiwa, June 2, 2011: "Bike on a trail" shot.

Wekiwa, June 2, 2011: "Bike on a trail" shot.

All the rain we’ve had this past week softened all the fallen leaves and pine needles on the forest floor, and my bike barely made a sound as I rode. It was so quiet and peaceful! I was making so little noise that at one point I rounded a blind corner and startled a giant owl (surprised the heck out of me, too). The owl took off with a loud flutter and missed me by just a couple of feet. I continued to track her as she landed right next to another giant owl in a tree just off the trail! I was trying to quickly stop my bike so I could get a picture, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the owls and I crashed into the overgrowth lining the trail, falling off my bike (obligatory joke about how difficult it is to take my eyes off a beautiful pair of hooters goes here). Anyway, when I crashed I made a huge racket and scared both owls off, blowing a great photo op. 😆

The pictures that I did manage to take can be found in this post to my photography journal.

Well, I think that about wraps it up for this morning. I’ll be back with my regular daily blogs on the 13th, so see you then!

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