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Early workout today; Computer upgrades.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by  
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Computer upgrades today

Computer upgrades today

All my gigantic GoPro HD videos, RAW image files from my 18 MP Canon 60D camera and server backup files have taken their toll on my hard drives. My poor little 2×640 GB hard drives (in a hardware RAID 1 config) are bursting at the seams, and I can no longer put off the upgrade. This morning I’ll be replacing the two old drives with a total of 4 terabytes (same hardware RAID 1 configuration), so that should alleviate my storage concerns… for a while. 😆

I remember back in the day when I replaced an old 20MB drive with a massive MFM 80 MB drive on a SCO Xenix server where I worked at the time. That was such an exciting day.

Fast forward a few years and on one of my home systems I went all-out and purchased a 1 GIGABYTE DRIVE! Man, at the time I remember thinking I would never fill that thing up!

Anyway, hopefully today’s operation will go smoothly. I’ll be starting the “bare metal” restore from my backup server as soon as I post this blog, and while that’s working I’m going to go get my chest/delts/triceps workout out of the way.

If there’s no blog tomorrow then you’ll know things did not go well (I’m kidding… sorta).

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